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Today is my father’s side drift… Driving the new TOYOTA 86 car ride experience – Sohu [Sohu] "new car last night I got a AE86, he had bent by the inertial drift, his car very fast, I just saw him a tofu shop signs, you know, if you know him who is it, trouble you to tell him that Saturday night, I will wait for him in the autumn mountains". Thanks to Shigeno Shuuichi and Shawn Yue, although only spread through the screen or piece, but still make AE86 in China riders have established a "myth" and "Downhill king" and other legendary image, even if it is a strong opponent of R32 or RX-7. Not only that, with a win Takumi Jun, drift became popular at home and abroad, one of the best sister liao… Effect of automobile motion · new overview want to learn? The first to 86, but the color of the panda Takumi Trueno you cannot be bought, 2017 TOYOTA 86 is ready to order. 24.98-28.78 million, compared to 2014 with a full LED headlights, interior applications more texture Alcantara material, suspension system of vehicle stability control system upgrade, while power remains unchanged, but I think the prospective owners do not care. Understand the nature of love, even if you are ten thousand love, and then you also love the love of a group of 86 owners or prospective owners who have a picture of the price is it? · drift test by the new 86 listing conference site, the organizers set up a very serious but not reasonable part: drift! Certainly not I drift, but more adept Mr. Tsuchiya Keiichi, Xiao Bian I was sitting on the feeling of a copilot. In fact, the 86 is a very suitable for the drift of the car, the proportion of coordination, power of moderate size; but the drift is not a simple job to full throttle tail will be automatically thrown up, from "push" to maintain the state will drift out of control or need a lot of experience, not to mention that the drift like Mr. Tsuchiya, as food and clothing. Daily! Summary: even if there are in-depth exchange of honor and Mr. Tsuchiya is not the kind of small, can fall in love with 86 or 300 thousand drift, buy Audi A4L much better, more spacious, more comfortable. Presumably most people have the same secular concept car, but there is always a part of pure people, for them, not what practice after the upgrading of technology than important, not what is wide than after 86 time, good to hear or see, is a good choice for a range of luxury. The engine in the front, driving wheels at the back, sitting in the middle of the mouth to smile, what satisfaction can bicycle actually comes easily.相关的主题文章: