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Toulouse Airport: may become Unicom in air silk road link – International – Toulouse electric (reporter Li Yongqun Wang Yuan) the day before, the French side with China Southern Toulouse – Blagnac airport was responsible for jointly held a press conference, introduced the operation and development of the airport was China shares after nearly half of the consortium. The chairman of the board of supervisors Anne Marie Idrac? To reporter, December 2014, composed of China Shandong high speed Group Co. Ltd., Hongkong Futai Asset Management Limited and other Chinese funded enterprises group purchased the Toulouse airport by 49.99% to 308 million euros in the price of the shares, mergers and acquisitions of more than a year since the airport operation in very good condition. The airport is now direct flights will be opened China and Toulouse flights as priority issues, efforts to promote the facilities and services to match the. "The cooperation of this law to the Toulouse airport with international opportunities, and hope that through the joint efforts of Chinese enterprises, we can improve the effectiveness of the airport, to further strengthen the Toulouse and china." Anne Marie Idrac said?. China Airport Industrial Investment Co., Ltd. senior consultant, Toulouse airport board of supervisors of the Chinese member Xue Fengxuan told reporters, China won the bid in the acquisition of the airport, which wins in the highest bid, outstanding strength, also wins in the development of Sino French relations and the southern city of good relations with France’s Chinese. According to Xue Fengxuan introduction, Toulouse – Blagnac airport is France’s sixth largest airport, the airport is also testing Airbus Company. Toulouse is a high-tech R & D center and production base, in the field of pharmaceutical raw materials, medical equipment, automation machinery, IT, etc., but also because of the large number of Chinese students and China has a certain basis for contact. "France is the most important development of Chinese direct flights and Unicom and China main city, and also hope to be able to China ‘Belt and Road Initiative" and the western development strategy docking. China Beijing, the big city such as Shanghai and France Unicom better docking Midwest city and European city has great development space, we hope to be able to achieve regular flights connecting with Chinese Midwest key city in one or two years." Xue Fengxuan said. At the closing ceremony of the 27 March eleventh France mayor Roundtable, Toulouse mayor Jean Luc? Not that Chinese investors for the Toulouse airport is very important for the local, hope that the cooperation and stable development, the future as soon as possible to establish direct Air France class, strengthen the tourism cooperation between the two sides. Toulouse also welcomes Chinese investors to invest in other areas. Anne: Marie? Idrac also said that the Toulouse airport is very willing to also very honored to participate in Chinese ‘The Belt and Road’ strategy, compared to onshore and offshore "Silk Road", the "Silk Road" will air is one of the fastest and most efficient way of Unicom. We have done a market survey, the law will be a better Unicom will bring unlimited opportunities for mutual benefit and win-win situation. In 1981, Toulouse entered into a sister city relationship with Chongqing, which is closely linked with Tianjin. We are all members of the board of supervisors are very valued interconnection with China, as soon as possible to promote more cooperation between the law of the city." Chairman of the board of directors of the airport相关的主题文章: