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In case of TPP experts and unions in the United States a rebound in the U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina stocks warrants Beijing time 4 hearing on the trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) was signed in Oakland, it was chosen in the United States from the city so far. Part of the reason also lies in the fact that it is New Zealand as early as ten years ago proposed the motion. Another reason, of course, is that the city may be more able to stay away from those who protest. According to the Quartz article, the agreement organized twelve Pacific Rim countries to a landmark agreement, which agreed to reduce barriers to trade and establish new standards from labor to environmental regulation to intellectual property rights. According to President Obama, the goal is not to allow countries like China to make rules for the global economy". But objectively speaking, under this arrangement, the economies of some countries will be greatly improved, while some other countries will have little impact. The members have signed the agreement, but it will take two years for governments to get their approval and make it work. Anyway, there are some problems and problems that are still not around now. In the United States, for example, bills need to be approved by congress. In fact, the bill has led to a series of unexpected allies at home, including trade unions and Nobel prize winners Stiglitz (Joseph) and others. The more than 6000 page TPP agreement, in Stiglitz’s view, is the worst trade agreement in recent decades". Earlier, in the column for the guardian, he stressed that the agreement gave too much power to the enterprise. Nobel economist Stiglitz does not worry about TPP"…… Granting foreign investors the right to allow them to sue the international court when they believe that government regulation is contrary to the TPP clause (more than 6000 pages)…… The language of the agreement is highly complex – and it’s better to invite powerful, big firms to use lawsuits as weapons to challenge governments with financial constraints – even those that aim to control greenhouse gas emissions are vulnerable to this offensive. It seems that, apart from the cigarette related parts, there is no regulation in any field is safe." The American unions are unhappy because they worry that the agreement may further harm Americans’ jobs, and before that, NAFTA has lost about 850 thousand jobs in the country. Given that most manufacturing contracts in the contracting countries are cheaper than the United States, their concerns are clearly not unreasonable. What’s more, as the United States Food and business workers International Union (UFCW) pointed out, the reputation of the contracting countries in protecting labor rights was not so good: "Vietnam banned the establishment of independent trade unions and only recognized the organizations concerned with the ruling party.". The country has forced 3 of the so-called "occupational therapy" names

TPP在美国内遇专家及工会反弹 美股行情中心:独家提供全美股行业板块、盘前盘后、ETF、权证实时行情   新浪美股北京时间4日讯 跨太平洋伙伴关系协定(TPP)最终在奥克兰被签署,这事之所以选在那个距离美国如此遥远的城市,一部分原因也在于正是新西兰早在十年多以前就提出了这个动议。当然,另外一个原因则在于这个城市或许更能够远离那些抗议的人群。   Quartz刊文称,这一协议将十二个太平洋沿岸国家组织到了一个里程碑式的协议之下,大家同意降低贸易壁垒,确立从劳动力到环境监管再到知识产权等诸多方面的新标准。据奥巴马总统说,这样做的目的就是为了不“让中国这样的国家来制定全球经济的规则”。不过,客观说来,这一安排之下,一部分国家的经济将获得重大提升,而另外一些国家几乎没有什么影响。   成员国都已经签署了协议,但是各国政府要获得本国的批准,让其真正生效,还需要两年的时间。无论如何,还有一些问题和麻烦是现在都依然没有绕过去的。   比如在美国,法案需要得到国会的批准。事实上,这法案已经在国内招致了一系列意想不到的结盟者的批评,其中既有工会,也有诺贝尔经济学奖得主斯蒂格利茨(Joseph Stiglitz)和其他一些人。   长达6000多页的TPP协议,在斯蒂格利茨看来就是“近几十年来最糟糕的贸易协定”。早些时候,在为《卫报》撰写的专栏当中,他强调,这协定给予了企业太多的权力。 诺奖经济学家斯蒂格利茨毫不避讳对TPP的忧虑   “……授予外国投资者以权利,让他们可以在确信政府监管有悖于TPP条款(足有超过6000页)时向国际法院提起诉讼……协议语言高度复杂――不啻于邀请那些强有力的大企业以诉讼为武器挑战财务捉襟见肘的政府――哪怕那些旨在控制温室气体排放的监管在这攻势的面前也是脆弱的。看上去,除开与香烟有关的部分之外,再没有任何领域的监管是安全的了。”   美国工会感到不快,是因为他们担心协议可能会进一步损害美国人的就业机会,要知道,在此之前,北美自由贸易协定就已经让这个国家失去了大约85万个工作岗位。考虑到大多数缔约国的制造业薪资都比美国低廉,他们的担心显然不是没有道理。   更何况,正如美国食品和商业工人国际工会(UFCW)所指出的,缔约各国在保障劳工权益方面的名声原本也不怎么好:   “越南禁止成立独立工会,只承认那些与执政党有关的组织。该国还以所谓‘作业疗法’的名目强迫数以万计的涉毒者进行劳动。”(子衿) 责任编辑:李兀 SF053相关的主题文章: