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The auto industry will become the transformation and upgrading of supply side reform success of car — original title: upgrade will become the symbol of success of supply side reform 2016 China automobile industry automobile industry development transformation (TEDA) International Forum held in Tianjin, the Ministry of information industry and the former party members, chief engineer Zhu Hongren shared his on the supply side structural reform from the perspective of the development of the automobile industry thinking with delegates. Zhu Hongren introduced the Chinese automobile industry has made new progress in advancing the supply side structural reforms in the process, he believes that accelerating structural reforms to ensure the supply side of the automobile industry long-term fundamentals will not change for the better, the transformation and upgrading of China automobile industry will be one of the important signs of success of manufacturing supply side structural reform. The Ministry of information industry and the former party members, chief engineer Zhu Hongren Zhu Hongren analysis, Chinese automobile industry have made new progress in the following four aspects in the development of the supply side structural reform process: continuously enhance the supply capacity of automobile industry in the past ten years, China’s automobile industry rapid development, production and sales for 7 consecutive years ranked first, lead global. 2015 auto production and sales have exceeded 24 million. The first half of this year, car sales of 12 million 890 thousand cars and 12 million 830 thousand vehicles, an increase of 6.47% and 8.14%, respectively over the same period last year increased 3.83 percentage points and 6.71 percentage points, expected annual production and sales is expected to reach about 25 million, will make the status of China’s automobile manufacturing country and the largest consumer of more stable. Steady adjustment of the industrial structure of the automobile industry is a steady increase in concentration. In the first half of this year, the automotive industry continues the trend of the past two years, the continuous optimization of the industrial structure, the top ten car sales accounted for the total sales volume has reached more than 89.5%. Two independent brand passenger car market share continues to grow. In the first half of the independent brand passenger car sales 4 million 735 thousand, an increase of 12.8%, accounting for the total passenger car sales of 42.9%, an increase of more than the same period last year by 1.4 percentage points, of which the independent brand SUV and MPV models sales growth. Three is to continue to expand the energy-saving car market. In the first half of 2016 1.6 liters and below the small displacement passenger car market share continued to improve, sales of 7 million 966 thousand, an increase of 14.2%, higher than the overall growth rate of passenger cars by 5 percentage points. The sustainable development of new energy vehicles is the only way to develop the new energy vehicles in china. Over the past two years, the new energy vehicles to maintain sustained and rapid growth, in 2015 China has become the world’s largest new energy vehicle production and consumption. In the first half of 2016 continued to maintain rapid growth, new energy vehicle sales 177 thousand and 170 thousand, an increase of 125% and 126.9%. In the future, with the new energy vehicle market continues to accelerate the process, to power batteries as the core of the new energy vehicle technology will gradually accelerate the pace of industrial vitality and competitiveness will continue to improve. Auto industry on)相关的主题文章: