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True or false? Lin Chiling Jerry Yan was never apart "- Lin Chiling Jerry Yan once fell in love with the entertainment Sohu   Sohu; entertainment news according to Taiwan media news" cloud "reported that 41 year old Lin Chiling and 39 year old Jerry Yan had a period of love, the feelings of the world in 2 so that the outside world name or are often linked together, after all, love 14 years, there are still many fans hope the 2 composite. The recent Lin Chiling broker Yan Rouyi also set out to help take care of the performing arts career, it can not help but look forward to work on the link, whether there will be more emotional contact with the. Taiwan Oprah Xu Shengmei 6, in an interview, Lin Chiling was asked whether Jerry Yan could "again," she said "talk after all 2 people will never be apart." Lin Chiling and Jerry Yan before the burst of "one family", shares the same agent, people can not help to link work, feelings whether there will be more contact. Oprah Xu Shengmei 6, appeared in a live event, say "I believe 2 people did not break," said Lin Chiling, Jerry Yan feeling fades, because the two sides and different views on the future career planning. Xu Shengmei analysis, although the "fall horse event" let Lin Chiling and Jerry Yan feelings back to temperature, but with the cause of busy and light, said the 2 love always off, said Lin Chiling, to the development of the past few years, Jerry Yan and other feelings is to enter the "ice period". Finally, Xu Shengmei was asked by Lin Chiling Jerry Yan, is it possible to "again," she said although the probability is not very high, but then talk said "but because two people never leave, so there may be a catalyst to let two people suddenly flash marriage, which is a mystery."相关的主题文章: