Trump era, the United States is changing

The Trump era, America is changing, the commentator   Xu Lifan; the history of the United States "the most ungrateful election results released. Trump won the majority of the central and southeastern swing voters vote, elected president of the United States, the United States is about to enter the era of the Trump, the world is about to feel the shock of the explosion of the United States of America, the United States is about to enter the era of the president of the United States, the United States is about to enter the era of the Chinese people’s Republic of China, the. Financial markets reacted immediately in the first place. This is a global concern, almost the last minute before the answer. Since Hilary and Trump officially represent the Bipartisan Campaign presidency, both the election Hilary anxious, although most of the time the polls ahead, but Trump in September and early November have counter ultra. The two sides in hand to hand combat staged "mail", Wikileaks, racial and religious discrimination, insult women and a series of startling story, also will be the election of hitherto unknown characteristics clearly show out. First, the eradication of the middle school. In the past, in addition to the basic set of the two parties, the majority of people belong to the centrist voters, they were like "silent majority", usually do not express political stance, especially related to religious and ethnic position, plays a role in American social conservatives. However, the lack of public discussion of the real election, two final showdown and the existence of political morality or morality problems obviously, provides many materials for each other can be attacked. This led to the rational public discussion of the space has been greatly compressed, emotional personal attacks on the road. In this atmosphere of coerced, the voters have no intermediate originally robust expansion of rational choice, only through the external perception, fuzzy judgment. Unless you give up the right to vote, you can only join both ends of the political polarization, in an uneasy mood to make political rights, there is no other way to choose. Destroy the centrist also change the traditional position in many serious media, began to stand in the election. Hundred years did not choose the position of the the Atlantic monthly, New York Times have out propaganda, it is politically incorrect to fear Trump to win, but also clearly speak of generation of social thought. From this perspective, in itself, is polarization. Second, it highlights some drawbacks of the American electoral system. There is also a lack of a sound system, and then a good democracy will be used. This has always been a political reality. Researchers have long found that the electoral system in the United States has been able to corrupt. For example, some states closed primaries election, some states are open elections, election open state, there may be other people’s identity to vote, block the rival supporters to vote and other issues, leading to a more suitable candidate to talent shows itself. In other words, the artificial delineation of constituencies to change the political landscape. Florida in recent years, 200 thousand new Democratic voters tend to support the Democratic Republic of Puerto Rico and other Western voters, the number of voters in the early years more than the total number of votes in previous years, which is not entirely the result of natural selection of migrants. In addition, the members collude, media agenda control and so on, is a common means of. Young people in high prestige in the party election Saunders defeated Hilary, which is the default. By the way, is Saunders’s democratic socialism a different kind of political polarization?. Polarization of political ecology, of course, with elections相关的主题文章: