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Trump in Chinese for TRUMP to apply for trademark fourth – Sohu is expected to succeed Donald Trump news? (Donald Trump, also known as Donald? Trump) newly elected president of the United States, the Chinese trademark lawsuit triggered concern. In order to apply for the registration of the trademark "TRUMP" in China, from the beginning of 2006, Trump has two times by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Trademark Office (hereinafter referred to as the Trademark Office) reject the application, because of a man named Dong Wei registered trademark name 14 days earlier. Then, Trump of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Committee (referred to as the trademark trademark review commission) administrative proceedings, request to be identified as thirty-seventh types of "TRUMP" trademark rights of people, after losing twice. After a lapse of more than a year, Trump was elected president of the United States, it hopes to apply for registration in China TRUMP trademark has also made new progress. In November 16th, Trump’s agent, China jeakco lawyer Zhou Dandan told the surging news (Trump), a new application for the registration of the trademark "TRUMP" on November 13, 2016 preliminary announcement, such as "no objection, the trademark will be registered after the expiration of three months." TRUMP was registered by Trump, losing two trial related administrative final adjudication documents disclosed: on December 7, 2006, Trump filed to the Trademark Office trademark "TRUMP", designated to be used thirty-seventh types of commercial real estate, residential and hotel interior decoration, repair and other services. But just 14 days before the November 24, 2006, the outsider Dong Wei has filed to the Trademark Office registered "TRUMP" trademark, approved the use of thirty-seventh class construction supervision services, special rights until January 20, 2020. This led to Trump’s application blocked. Related documents show that in November 30, 2009, the Trademark Office of the application of Trump’s "TRUMP" trademark in thirty-seventh "to provide commercial, residential and hotel real estate, residential and commercial building information; the hotel real estate, building information service" to be rejected. Trump refuses to accept, in the same year in December raised trademark objection and review. In February 10, 2014, the trademark Committee believes that the application of Trump’s "TRUMP" trademark and Dong Wei has applied for registration of the trademark "TRUMP" in the letter, the call was consistent, has a similar trademark, trademark dismissed the review decision made again. To this end, Trump will trademark commission to court. Beijing first intermediate people’s Court of first instance verdict: Dong Wei registered "TRUMP" trademark is still in an effective state, can be used to maintain the Trademark Office to make a trademark dismissed the review decision. After losing the first trial sentenced Trump refused to accept the attorney to appeal to the Supreme People’s Court of Beijing, there are two reasons: first, the "TRUMP" trademark has a significant and extremely strong visibility, the application for registration is not in violation of relevant regulations of the "trademark law"; second, Dong Wei registered trademark Trump is already on the use of the trademark of the"相关的主题文章: