TTA Shu Youxing special planning boards have not finished BYD to set off a technological revolution 魔界骑士イングリッド

TTA | Shu Youxing: special planning boards have not finished BYD to set off a technological revolution _ car _ "you also take the CA1228 back to Beijing? Just the distance, there is still some time to check, you give me some advice, in the promotion of products, but also what’s new play?" This is the real scene of a day at Yinchuan airport in August. For the first time, and Shu Youxing (BYD (micro-blog) general manager of Sales Company Limited) the depth of communication, is at the end of last year he started not long time, then he just bid farewell to "technology male" identity in the face of the media, occasionally showing the slightest discomfort "". However, as time went on, he also adapted to the new identity. Every time I see him, can feel his change, from the initial "slightly disturbing" to today’s "easily", Shu Youxing successfully completed the transformation of identity. The same metamorphosis, and BYD. The car reached the ring, after the crazy expansion into the trough, calm, adjustment, two rapid development stage, the development of BYD also gradually entered the track, step by step to the "first brand" global goal. Has stood on the field of BYD, and other brands of PK, what to rely on? Using technology to create "car revolution" in a short period of time, early BYD’s choice is reverse development road. Through the dismantling of other brands of new models, including the engine, vehicle manufacturing, including the technology, the introduction of their own brand products, and has become China’s largest auto sales of independent brands. However, because of the one-sided pursuit of production and ignoring the pursuit of product force, BYD has also been questioned by some consumers because of the quality of the outbreak. "It’s a long revolution." This sentence just took office on Youxing Shu Tencent said, out of his team and his future direction: with BYD’s unique technical advantages, to change the user’s cognition, and make it known to consumers and society. The number of patents and the number of engineers, is a research and development strength of the most intuitive digital embodiment. Only last year, for example, the number of patents granted to BYD invention reached 509, ranking first in the domestic auto industry, which is the norm in recent years. Technical school, is the majority of the label affixed to BYD. As the first domestic developed engine, gearbox of the domestic car manufacturers, in its interior, responsible for the work of integrated innovation technology development and technology engineers up to 15 thousand, "it’s like a pond, there are a lot of fish, the needs of the market, we will make a come out." Thanks to the early layout and continuous investment, BYD in batteries, motors, electronic control and other new energy vehicles in the core areas are in a leading position. More than 300 kilometers of mileage, battery lifetime warranty, regenerative braking system, VTOL, VTOV bi-directional inverter charge discharge black technology, can watch pain points for consumers. BYD made these efforts in technology, has been recognized by consumers, sales data is the most intuitive manifestation. In just the past August, the country’s total sales of new energy passenger cars 29 thousand and 900, BYD’s contribution reached 35.7%. In August of this year, BYD new energy.相关的主题文章: