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Two the same plate Maserati meet in the street? Shanghai police seized clone car black and silver car brand Martha Lahti GT sedan as like as two peas on September 14th morning, a black and silver car brand Martha Lahti GT sedan as like as two peas docked in Shanghai Putuo Changshou Road Road, causing passers-by crowd. One of the black vehicles were seized by the law enforcement detachment of police officers in a nearby neighborhood. In the afternoon, such a photo spread in the circle of friends, photos of the two cars hanging the same license plate Martha Lahti GT parked side by side. Many netizens speculated that true and false Martha Radi encounter in the street. In fact, this is the police investigation after the black clone car called the silver car owners picture. According to the traffic police, traffic police detachment maneuver at the beginning of September in the process of routine inspections found a black Maserati suspected of using the "deck", after investigation, Paimo, 14 on the morning of 10 pm, Shanghai traffic police detachment maneuver in Changshou Road for nearly an order for the suspect vehicle and driver seized on the spot. This car was found suspected of using others driving license and motor vehicle license plate. Surging news () on the scene, a black Maserati GT hanging Shanghai ATZ512 license, but the traffic police check found the car down marks inspection and insurance sign indicate the Shanghai AT2512, then the police found the car passenger seat under the stamp was polished and traces of fraud, suspected of tampering with the frame number. The driver Wu told reporters that the car he bought in the secondary market, the price of 750 thousand. After his first payment of 350 thousand, the car dealer said the license has not expired can not transfer, first to give him the use of. He said, although I know there is something wrong with the car, but the 350 thousand has been paid, if the alarm after 350 thousand may be confiscated. True silver plate of a European car owners also came to the scene, a European said, originally his car is black. In June 2016, he will change the body color and vehicle inspection and other business to "cattle" agents, may be cattle agent is in the process of "deck". The police detachment maneuver Langang Xu told reporters: the police through the big data collision comparison found that the license plate has 2 cars, at the same time in different locations in driving. Black Martha Lahti in Jingan, Putuo, every day to work, work. Silver Martha Lahti mainly in Jingan, Daning surrounding areas. The car has been withheld, the driver Wu has been handed over to the Putuo police department. Wu’s illegal acts alleged use of other motor vehicle license plate, will be fined 12 points and fined 3000 yuan, while his vehicle inspection marks suspected of forgery, or will face detention for 15 days. In addition, the local traffic police department will also carry out further verification of the source of the vehicle, etc.. Traffic police to remind the driver: in accordance with the laws and regulations, the transfer of membership or vehicle transaction, must go to the second-hand car market is normal or vehicle to transfer. (surging)相关的主题文章: