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Typhoon " catfish " Wenzhou Wenzhou next week or welcome rain to heavy rain next Monday, the seventeenth typhoon this year, "catfish" will bring high winds and heavy rain to the city of Wenzhou. September 23rd at 5 pm, the city issued a notice requiring all localities and departments to do a good job in advance typhoon preparedness. According to meteorological department news, as of 2 pm yesterday, "catfish" is located in the city center 2380 km east southeast of the sea, near the center of the largest wind 8, 18 meters per second wind speed. It moves westward at a speed of 20 kilometers per hour, up to the strongest typhoon level. The typhoon is expected in 27 days ago after landing or grazed in central and southern Taiwan, 28 to the coastal areas of Fujian and guangdong. Affected by its periphery, 26, the city’s coastal waters will have a strong wind of the magnitude of 8, followed by wind up to the level of 8 to 10. The typhoon is likely to bring heavy rain for a long time, from the next Tuesday night to eleven before the holiday in the morning, about 4 days, the city may have heavy rain to heavy rain. The "Circular" on the 17 typhoon defense preparations ahead of the requirements, flood levels, meteorology, marine forecasting, maritime and other departments to pay close attention to typhoons, strengthen the monitoring and forecasting work, the timely release of information to the typhoon and warning at all levels, to members of the unit and the public. Coastal and water stations around the headquarters of timely warning, do a good job in advance without power vessels, construction ships, fishing boats and other sheltered work. According to the development and changes of the typhoon, the timely cessation of maritime leisure fishing boats, island tourism and various maritime activities, timely outage involving sea passenger, tourism, transport vessels. And around the reservoir management unit in strict accordance with the operation control plan ready reservoir operation, flood control water level in the reservoir of super typhoon before the water level dropped to below the water level of reservoir flood control, other high level run the river interception rainfall to do. Strict implementation of insurance, limited storage pool disease library venting requirements, implement safety measures. All localities and departments to seize the time, to repair the damaged works, the moment can not complete the repair, the implementation of emergency flood prevention measures, set up warning signs and notices.相关的主题文章: