Us – the Blaine brothers defeated Spain to win 2-1 into the semi-finals-e2140

Us – the Blaine brothers defeated Spain to win 2-1 into the semi-finals of the Blaine brothers once again lost to Lopez in September 7th 2016 the U.S. Tencent combined sports continue to race on the ninth day of the battle. Brother Blaine host twins, five time champion, at the age of 38, after 127 minutes of fighting with 1-2 (6 (2) -7, 6-4, 3-6) lost to Spain – Lopez Mark – Lopez, the Philippines, missed the semi-finals. This combination of two teams had met in the French Open Men’s doubles final, Lopez Mark – Lopez – Philippine 2-1 win win. Blaine is now 38 years old, they have got the occupation career 112 doubles titles, including 16 Grand Slam champion, and the 2012 London Olympic Games men’s doubles champion, is today’s tennis men’s doubles occupation career Golden Slam winner. Two for the first time in a grand slam in the summit in the French Open in 2003, when the two brothers at the age of 25. The last two Grand Slam title is the 2014 us open, that is to say the brothers have nearly two years without a grand slam crown. The 2012 London Olympic Games tennis doubles finals, top seed Blaine brothers 6-4, 7-6 (2) defeated the French Te Sonja Rod La win. And this year’s Rio Olympic Games, the two brothers announced before the game because of fear of blocking the initiative to withdraw from the card virus. Mark Lopez accompanied Nadal to get together, the Rio Olympic doubles champion. So far in Blaine’s 16 grand slam doubles titles, 6 is the 2 Australian Open champion, is the French Open champion, 3 is Wimbledon champion, 5 is at home in front of the US Open champion. This season, the US Open, male double seed is this year Wimbledon champion Herbert Ma Huw French combination. The Blaine brothers is seeded No. 3, the Philippine – Lopez Mark – Lopez is seeded No. 8. The game for the first disc, the Blaine brothers Second Bureau will achieve break. But the Spaniard will soon board up into 4-4, 6 level after the rush into the seven, the United States combined in chasing the score 2-3 lost 4 points, the Philippines – Lopez – Lopez 7-2 Mark wins snatches seven made a good start. Second Blaine brothers break in the seventh inning, they then pulled one done in one vigorous effort 6-4. The two sides start decider played carefully, but Spain combined eighth innings break this made the 5-3 lead. In the ninth game, the Spanish team seized the chance to win the game and made the final victory with 6-3. Philippines – Lopez Mark – Lopez to enter the semi-finals, with a combination of Spanish Lionel Busta and Lopez card, and Peja transnational combination Kubote tournament No. 12 seed, the Poland and Austria winners compete for the finals. (carefully)相关的主题文章: