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.puters-and-Technology With the growing popularity of smartphones like the BlackBerry Curve, the market for smartphone accessories has skyrocketed, making it easier to keep in touch, stay organized and listen to your favorite music. Curve 3G cases are manufactured with leather, plastic, or rubber and protects the phones from unsightly scratches, dents, and abrasions. Hard cases are usually made from a tough acrylic and enclose the back and sides of the Curve 3G. Although these cases do not offer full protection for the phone screen, they effectively mitigate damage from impact. Skin cases are economically priced, provide protection with their flexible, rubber material and .e in a variety of colors. Holster cases provide .fortable portability while protecting the phone. They’re also available with a tough acrylic case or soft, protective leather. Holster cases are typically the pricier of case options. Keeping your Curve 3G charged and ready for action is breeze whether you’re in your car, at home or even on a wilderness adventure. BlackBerry users who travel often will want to get an international travel charger, which .es with 2 removable plug adapters and can be used with 110 and 220 voltage wall outlets. For powering up on the road, Curve 3G chargers are now available with high output, high performance, micro-USB and folding designs. BlackBerry Curve 3G owners that like to spend their weekends hiking with four-legged friends, hanging out down at the beach or camping amongst the little woodland creatures can make sure they’re never .pletely unavailable to family and co-workers with the new BlackBerry solar chargers. Most will hold their charge for up to a year and can be charged from the sun, via USB or wall charger. In areas where the availability of electricity gets a little sketchy during the winter months, a solar charger would definitely .e in handy. Other charging options are desktop stands, portable power mats, charging docks and .puter USB cables. There are some 3G Curve accessories no one wants to be without. Bluetooth headsets make hands free operation possible. A number of states have passed laws prohibiting cell phone operation while driving a motor vehicle. Bluetooth headsets make it possible to multitask safely and prevent hefty fines for the BlackBerry owner. For those who insist on going old school, there are still traditional, wired headsets on the market. Wired headsets are usually less expensive than Bluetooth and .e with stereo sound, mono bud designs, noise canceling and with or without microphones. The BlackBerry user who wants to enjoy their favorite music will need to add a memory card for data storage. MicroSD cards range in capacity from 2GB up to 16GB and higher. The total storage space needed will not only depend on the number of files they want to save, but the type of files stored will also need to be considered. The choices for 3G curve accessories are endless. The BlackBerry consumer should have no problem finding what they need to customize their device anyway they’d like. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: