Uzbekistan two general Zhang Linpeng also suspended, missing the battle of the Black War sports Sohu-yo te amo

General Zhang Linpeng also suspended two Uzbekistan Ukraine missing in the war battle of Sohu 12 strong Asian sports match of the third round, Uzbekistan lost to Iran 0-1 home court, tasted the bitter taste of the first game, with 2 wins and 1 negative 6 points in the third group. The game, Uzbekistan will welcome the Warring States in the home court, and then Heinrich izmailov will be suspended, this will be bad news for Uzbekistan. The battle between Uzbekistan and Iran is also a key battle for the team. This game, the Iran team with Hosseini twenty-seventh minutes scored a header lore, the score of 1-0 to opponents, with 2 wins and 1 7 points, with a goal difference advantage over South Korea ranked top, Uzbekistan with 2 wins and 1 negative 6 points down to third in the group. This game, Heinrich is booked and izmailov, due to the absence of a total of 2 yellow cards, with the national football contest. In contrast, the situation is more severe, home court loss to the Syria team to 0-1, so that the foot before the 3 round only 1 flat 2 negative 1 points, the group situation is grim. Zhang Linpeng because to eat yellow card in the game, a total of 2 yellow cards, will be suspended in the contest with Uzbekistan’s key. Chinese football with the Uzbekistan team are key players suspended, then the game will be the winner, is also quite interesting. (Ariel)相关的主题文章: