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Beijing – VIDEO -20 South African female photographer works first exhibited in China [comment] a collection of 20 contemporary South African photographer works of South African women Photography Exhibition "our strength" in the exhibition for the first time in 2016 China China Pingyao International Photography festival. These photos are of great historical value and characteristics of the times, showing the Chinese people the process of the struggle for the liberation of women in South Africa from individual to collective action. In September 23rd, the reporter saw the curator Serra horse, toot? She is a friend and Chinese together. Ma Don Serra was a high school teacher in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa, and later served as curator at three museums in the northern province. She worked for 16 years in the local government of South Africa, deeply felt the change of local women’s lives. [over] curator Dudu? Madang Serra as a matter of fact, these women in the works is to fight for freedom of women. We sort out the history of our country, so as to show the power of these women in the works. Women’s photography in South Africa, especially in the photos of women, their real life and the lives of Chinese women are very different. According to the briefing, 2016 is the 16 anniversary of the protest organized by South African women’s organizations. Inspired by this anniversary, the exhibition incorporates a number of themes that shape the course of women’s lives in South africa. From slavery, colonialism, Apartheid and the transition to the post apartheid democracy, these themes intertwine to weave a vivid story, to explain the South Africa women’s liberation struggle is separated from the individual development to the solidarity of collective action. In addition, the exhibition as well as some of the collections from the African Museum, the museum and the Johannesburg Museum of photography, has important historical value. [over] curator Dudu? Madang Serra this year, we will bring to the Chinese female photographer, I come back to my hometown, I would like to take the exhibition to provide us with opportunities for cooperation, further invited Tanzania female photographers to communicate with us, because Chinese and Tanzania established diplomatic relations, so that the platform can promote common development Chinese and africa. Reporter Wang Huilin Shanxi, Jinzhong reports相关的主题文章: