Weihui, a former girlfriend sleeping while using WeChat to go away 5000 yuan-autobots

Weihui a man took advantage of his girlfriend sleeping with WeChat to go his 5000 yuan, recently, Weihui Ji Wei stay at the girlfriend store in the evening, wake up one night, brush WeChat want to send red envelopes, found that WeChat bound bank card 5000 yuan missing. Further confirmed by the bank inquiry, his card was indeed transferred out of 5000 yuan. At present, mobile phone is a communication tool, but also a lot of money bag. The money on her card was inexplicably transferred, Ms. Wei quickly came to the Criminal Police Brigade report. In recent days, a police squadron of police combed the case investigation, restore the process of the case. Ms. Wei night in his girlfriend Ms. Lu foot store, Ms. Lu’s boyfriend in a certain way also in the store, three in the evening after dinner, a let Weimou to turn WeChat 100 yuan, are busy let Ms. Wei Cheng take their mobile phone operation, and then enter their own secret code. I do not know in history, and wie before had a romantic relationship, after breaking up, two people continue to be friends, still well. Not afraid of thief stealing, afraid of thieves thinking. Wie in the password, is beside a memorization in the heart, and in the evening, while Weimou asleep on the occasion, WeChat secretly transferred out of the card 5000 yuan. In order to destroy the evidence, but also to a fancy out Ms. Wei on the mobile phone transfer records and bank debit SMS notification. Addicted to gambling process, in a few days, 5000 yuan will be lost at the table. Find a place to settle down, become a top priority. A squadron of criminal police Mopai a track of life, was informed that his father was seriously ill, Cheng may be at home. In November 5th, it was held at home. And truthfully confessed his use of WeChat theft Ms. Wei’s illegal crimes. At present, the suspect Cheng Cheng has been under criminal detention.

卫辉一男子趁前女友熟睡 用微信转走其5000元 近日,卫辉籍魏女士晚上留宿女友店中,一夜醒来,刷微信欲发红包时,发现其微信绑定的银行卡上5000元不翼而飞。经银行查询进一步确认,自己卡上确实被转出去5000元。当下,手机是通讯工具,也是很多人的钱袋子。自己卡上的钱莫名被转走,魏女士赶紧来到刑警大队报案。连日来,刑警一中队民警对案件梳理侦办,还原了案件发生过程。魏女士晚上留宿在女友路女士的足疗店中,路女士的男朋友程某也在店里,晚上三人一起吃饭后,程某让魏某给其微信转100元,手头正忙着的魏女士就让程某拿自己手机操作,然后自己输入了密码。素不知,程某和魏某之前也曾经是恋人关系,分手后,两人还继续是朋友,关系仍然熟络。不怕贼偷,就怕贼惦记。魏某在输密码时,被在旁边的程某默记于心,并于当天晚上,趁魏某睡熟之际,微信偷偷转走其卡上5000元。为了毁灭证据,程某还自作聪明地删掉了魏女士手机上的转账记录和银行扣款短信提醒通知。嗜赌成性的程某在数天时间内,便将5000元在赌桌上输个精光。查找程某的落脚之处,成为当务之急。刑警一中队摸排程某生活轨迹,获悉,其父亲病重,程某可能在家。于11月5日将其在家中捂获。并如实供述了其利用微信盗窃魏女士钱财的违法犯罪行为。目前,犯罪嫌疑人程某已被刑事拘留。相关的主题文章: