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Wenger Mann Guardiola joint opening night satire miserable lying gun or re employment Benitez – Sports Sohu   Wenger Neville; irony in the British football, Arsenal boss Wenger is famous words, can talk about a lot of topic of concern to the outside world at a press conference at a time. Before the twenty-fourth round of the Premier League news conference, Wenger first talked about the Super League frequently throwing money phenomenon, and then pulled to Gary – Neville coaching Valencia. As everyone knows, Gary – Neville in the United Stated, has served as the British Sky TV commentary guests, as well as England coach Hodgson’s first assistant, but recently the United legend resigned from the British Sky TV work, suddenly became head coach of the La Liga giants Valencia, his younger brother Phil Neville assisted, unfortunately, now he led the result is not satisfactory. According to statistics, since Gary Neville picked up the Valencia manager, led the team to 15 games, only 4 wins 6 flat 5, it is necessary to point out that these 4 victories are all made in the king’s Cup tournament, 8 Liga games 5 flat 3 negative winless, Valencia in La Liga standings fell to twelfth, only 5 points higher than the relegation line, in the king’s Cup 0-7 away defeat to Barcelona, Gary – Neville has been up to 200 Valencia fans of the finger and abuse his position now in jeopardy. When it comes to the poor record of Gary – Neville coaching Valencia, Arsenal coach Wenger admits that he was able to teach in such a team, entirely by virtue of fame. "I believe that most of the time, a star always retired earlier at a big club, you will be rewarded in a few years ago, you can’t start from Follett coach Wood, when you are Guardiola, your career will start off in Barcelona." The language of Wenger, Guardiola lying gun, of course coach Guardiola scores obviously cannot be compared to the average person, he can even coach is the best football in the world today, "if you are not a star, you must first for the livelihoods of hard work, this is a disadvantage, because your starting point is not high, but on the other on the one hand, you have to learn the experience. I believe your experience will be very important when you have a bad start at the beginning of your coaching career." Arsenal coach Wenger said that only through setbacks and troughs will become stronger, "when you encounter setbacks, you do not reverse the credibility of the predicament, because you have no similar experience.". So it’s going to be more difficult. At some point, if you coach a strong team, they can always find a way out, I think Valencia can go out of the trough." From the Spanish football news said that Valencia has been considering Huanshuai, former meritorious coach Benitez is expected to pick up the bat pointer; it is worth mentioning that Benitez had just experienced in Real Madrid’s failure was the Milky Way warships fired, but he during his time at Naples, the results are very bleak. (nineteen) 温格开口讽刺曼联名宿瓜帅惨躺枪 贝帅或再就业-搜狐体育  温格讽刺内维尔   在英伦足球圈里,阿森纳主帅温格是有名的话多,每次都能在新闻发布会上谈到许多外界关心的话题。英超联赛第24轮的赛前新闻发布会上,温格先是谈及到中超联赛频繁砸重金的现象,随后扯到加里-内维尔执教瓦伦西亚。众所周知,加里-内维尔在曼联挂靴后,一直担任英国天空电视台的解说嘉宾,同样还是英格兰主帅霍奇森的第一助手,但近日曼联名宿辞去了英国天空电视台的工作,摇身一变成为西甲劲旅瓦伦西亚的主教练,他的弟弟菲尔-内维尔辅佐,遗憾的是,眼下他带队成绩难以令人满意。   据统计,自加里-内维尔拿起瓦伦西亚教鞭后,率队征战了15场比赛,仅取得4胜6平5平,需要指出的是,这4场胜利全部是在国王杯的赛事中取得的,8场西甲联赛5平3负不胜,瓦伦西亚在西甲积分榜上下滑至第12位,仅比保级线高出5分,在国王杯客场0-7惨败给巴萨罗那之后,加里-内维尔遭到多达200名瓦伦西亚球迷竖中指和辱骂,他的帅位如今岌岌可危。在谈到加里-内维尔执教瓦伦西亚战绩不佳,阿森纳主帅温格坦言,他之所以能够在这样的球队执教,完全是凭借名气。   “我相信大多数时候,一个球星退役后总会更早地执教大俱乐部,你会在前几年得到回报,你不会从福利特伍德开始执教,当你是瓜迪奥拉,你的执教生涯会从巴塞罗那开始。”温格言语之中,瓜迪奥拉躺枪,当然瓜帅执教成绩显然不是一般人能比,他甚至可以算得上当今世界足坛最棒的主教练,“如果你不是一个球星,你首先就要为生计打拼,这是不利之处,因为你的起点不高,但另一方面,你又能学到经验。我相信当你执教生涯开始时遭遇不顺,你的经验会很重要。”   阿森纳主帅温格表示,只有经历了挫折和低谷,才会变得更强,“当你遭遇挫折,你却没有逆转困境的信誉,因为你以前没有类似的经历。因此那会变得更加困难。在某些时候,如果你执教的是一支强队,他们总能找到出路,我认为瓦伦西亚能够走出低谷。”从西班牙足坛传来的消息称,瓦伦西亚已经考虑换帅,昔日功勋教练贝尼特斯有望重新拿起蝙蝠军团的教鞭;值得一提的是,贝尼特斯刚刚经历了在皇马的失败,被银河战舰解雇,其实他在执教那不勒斯期间,成绩也非常惨淡。   (十九)相关的主题文章: