Wenzhou 77 year old living alone in the old man died after the first two days of telephone no answer xingbayounichunnuanhuakai

Wenzhou 77 year old elderly living alone died after two days no one answered the phone yesterday evening, in Wenzhou city in the east of a hundred old neighborhood, a solitary old man was found dead in the family home, then the family alarm, the police immediately involved in the investigation. Pictured elderly rental room. 8 in the evening, reporters rushed to the incident area, the old man living in the room has been blocked by the police, the police officers continue to enter and leave the room, and the families of the room and the voice of the exchange of two. Reporters downstairs to see the incident room balcony, the police in the field with a flashlight exploration. Reporters learned from the nearby neighbors, the old man alone in the room rental, time is not long, usually with friends gathering activities, but also a few days ago and friends to travel. But from the day before yesterday, a friend found the old man did not come to participate in activities, we thought that the elderly have something to go out. After the event there are memories of neighbors, who had to knock on Wednesday afternoon to visit, but the old man did not respond. Family members chat from the scene, the reporter learned that the old man is 77 years old this year, was a former hospital medical workers in urban areas. Usually the elderly children will come to visit, the old man, a son far away will call to communicate, these two days found no one answered the phone. Yesterday evening at 7 o’clock, when the old man came to visit the old man was found dead, and then immediately report to the police. According to field a familiar with the old faithful description of elderly people in good health, but also to climb, but suffering from high blood pressure, and daily medication. Currently, the police have been involved in the investigation. Children should be prepared for 9 elderly people living alone there are so many people, they do not have a partner to accompany the children most of the time is not around. The days are long, a person to bear loneliness, boredom, they are elderly people living alone. Just imagine, if a young man at home all day, he can keep it? Loneliness is a kind of helpless. As the children working outside, the most should be given to the elderly at home what? 1, medkits said drugs, for now the old man is cannot do without the thing, if there is standing hypertension antihypertensive drugs, standing in patients with diabetes hypoglycemic drugs, as well as available Kyushin Pills emergency medicine, placed in a prominent position in the. A life-and-death matter event, must not be careless. 2, the elderly living alone without crutches go out, some of the old comrades of good physical quality, fast. But most of the old man walked with a crutch quivering, can let them go to more places. After all, suppress at home is also vulnerable to heart disease. 3, the old man on the radio age, the body gradually degraded function. Some people can’t watch TV or watch tv. So buy a radio, can carry a full turn. Listen to opera, listen to the news, health knowledge and so on, cheer artifact. 4, thermal underwear old people is the most important health, cold is the enemy of each of the elderly living alone. Therefore, a set of warm underwear, you can let the child to exercise a lot of heart, no longer have to worry about the old cold. 5, light carts to buy food is the most basic daily life at home. When you get up early, a brisk shopping cart may help save a lot of energy. 6, standby time of the rapid development of the telephone information today, a lot of fashion.相关的主题文章: