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Arts-and-Entertainment Have your parents said it to you? On the other hand, have you also said the same to your kids despite the fact that you once promised yourself that you wouldn’t do it to them? Chances are high that your grandparents could have said it to your parents. From My Chemical Romance and Drake to Nirvana and Public Enemy. From Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones to The Beatles and The Beach Boys. From Elvis and Buddy Holly to Frank Sinatra and Miles Davis. Perhaps ever since music was invented, parents from all over the globe have been protesting to their kids "that’s not music" while screaming at the top of their lungs, "turn that thing off!" Of course, parents arent the only ones who struggle when listening to another generations music. On the other hand, most kids would also tell you how dreadful it is to be caught inside the family car while your parents listened to "their music". Its boring." "It’s corny." "It’s not old, it’s just ‘classic’.In the same token that you may have protested years ago, kids today will argue that their parents just don’t "dig" their kind of music. Finding a middle ground when it .es to differences in opinions between parents and teens can be a potential minefield. It’s .mon for petty disagreements over music to topple over to other more serious family issues which have been lurking in the background all along. Understanding each other’s choice of music and setting respectful boundaries if in case they don’t really like each other’s music can be a uniting factor for families to have a mutual respect for each other. Make no mistake about it, music is a key driving influence in a teenager’s life. Kids have this affinity with music to the point that many experts even agree that music defines certain generations. Reminisce back to your high school days and try to remember the music that you were listening then and how you and your friends truly felt that your favorite songs were describing you or the things you were going through at the time. Chris Woods, West Ridge Academy’s music teacher says that, "music has the ability to .municate the deepest feelings of our hearts; the feelings of our souls, essentially". "It can make you happy, or sad, experience heartache and victory, anger, frustration, and yes, even the feeling of peace. Music is truly an important medium which has proven its adeptness in .municating ideas and emotions between its creator and the listener."Glance over the playlist of your teen in his or her iPod and you’ll be taking a peek into what your teen actually values in his life. There is hope however for parents who disapprove of the music that their teens are listening to. Take note that teens actually listen more to the beats and rhythm of the music rather than their lyrics. "Many teenagers nowadays like the rap music and hip hop genre. I think the reason for that is because of hip hops rhythmic structure, Woods says. And, due to the tendency of teens to change their musical tastes from time to time, Woods advises parents to stay patient. Parents must also be vigilant however, as there are some music which contains negative messages which can be detrimental to the psyche of malleable teens. It is critical for parents to establish clear standards for music, such as avoiding songs with violent lyrics, overt sexual messages, or profanity. Once parents have established those guidelines, it is important that teens be exposed to different kinds of music and allowed to make their own appropriate choices. Reaching a .promise and sharing each other’s music can actually teach parents and teens about the art of building bridges and dispute settlement. By allowing their children the freedom to choose their own music while at the same time establishing clear boundaries, parents and teenagers are f.ing towards a more positive direction. West Ridge Academy’s students learn from Mr. Woods how to appreciate music and express themselves through different types of music. At the end of the course, some of the students even record their own songs. Being able to give life to your dreams and aspirations through music can be a life-altering experience for most teens. It surprised me how many of the kids were writing spiritual music, music reflecting changes they had made, Woods says. I think the music is their acknowledgement that West Ridge Academy has helped them, and theyve needed that. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: