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Where are you going on the weekend? Jiaxing creative culture tour – Sohu tourism Jiaxing, located in the northeast of Zhejiang, has a long history of more than two thousand years, the organization began in the Qin dynasty. Jiaxing since ancient times as the land of prosperity, known as the "land of plenty", "Silk City" reputation, is a national historical and cultural city, city, civilization Chinese China full support model city, China model green city, China excellent tourist city and national garden city, the national first batch of sponge City construction pilot city. Maybe you will think of mention Jiaxing Nanhu, plum and other old Delta area, today to introduce a cultural tourism route — "new young dragons", can feel the environmental art in the iron man robot theme park attractions, but also in the elegant garden full of tenderness Tao Dixiu listen Ocarina playing, treasure of leisure I go to the country’s first Tzu culture museum experience the Chinese delicacy, must make you full of harvest. Iron Man robot theme park: Act and play petty best place Jiaxing iron man robot theme park, is located in the Jiaxing international cultural and Creative Industrial Park, is the first to robot steel carving art as the theme of the comprehensive park, the park to the scrap metal creation robot as the main exhibits, a total of about more than and 600 steel carving art works. In November 4th, the seventh Jiaxing international steel carving art is not only an art feast, but also a reflection of the value of art and the concept of art. If you give a pile of junk, you will quickly sent them to the recycling station. But here, but they have a special liking, with wonderful creativity and patience of the production, so that these waste into steel carving art. Steel sculpture from idea to production, to go through the ten step, the material composition of the arbitrariness and work attitudes of thousands of odd. Steel sculpture not only has the artistic value, because its material mainly comes from scrap, to achieve two utilization of resources, is conducive to environmental protection and energy saving, environmental protection and innovation to stimulate people’s consciousness. Tips: address: Jiaxing City, Nanhu District Furun Road No. 111 ticket price: 50 yuan bus lines: K80 Road (Fumin Road Station), get off to walk 100 meters. K95 Road (Central Park station), get off to walk 100 meters to enter Fumin Road, Fumin road and Furun Road intersection turn right walk south across the 100 bags of rice wheat. K08, K28, K30, K99 (Wen Tao Yuan City Station), get off to walk 200 meters, turn left into the road after the friend walk 450 meters. Self driving route: Jiaxing City: Central South spinning Road intersection 100 meters east to Furun Road, 500 meters south of the road into a friend, get to the park. Field drive: G60 high-speed (Shanghai Hangzhou high-speed) along the avenue to the South Lake outlet, Nanhu Lake Avenue by boxing road junction, entered by boxing eastward 1 kilometers to reach Furun Road, Road 600 meters north into Furun, arrived at the park. Elegant Ocarina Xiubo Garden: edifying relax ocarina, (English: Ocarina, also translated as Oboe, flute, Xun, a soil tile.相关的主题文章: