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The mid autumn moon cake leftover where you know is a "moon cake festival", "the annual Mid Autumn Festival, everyone send moon cake, eat moon cake, moon cake mid left", has become a true portrayal of the Mid Autumn Festival is awkward. As a kind of seasonal food, the sale of moon cake, it is impossible in the Mid Autumn Festival, fully digested by the market overnight. Therefore, there must be a lot of people will wonder, those who can not sell the moon cake go? First, consumers will lose face directly the remaining mooncakes high sugar, high calorie, high fat cakes, now it is "beyond the stomach deficiency, a large number of moon cakes also send not to walk, eat and eat, can only choose to throw away. However, there are also a variety of online on the remaining moon cake as a breakfast after re processing tips. Because the moon cake moon cake stuffing usually small, Seiko secret agents, good taste, can use the filling to make small snacks, such as cakes, moon cakes, moon cakes with the steamed bread sandwich broken rice pudding, bean cake Soybean Milk; can also be mixed with cold dishes, pancakes, with moon cake pieces, instead of sugar; can also put the moon cake the jujube, red bean paste mixed in rice pudding. With the moon with whole grains to feed, which can reduce the concentration of sugars and fats, the moon cakes become healthier. Two, moon cake dealers will be returned to the factory or the destruction of the remaining moon cake before the Mid Autumn Festival holiday three days, the moon cake has begun to promote a large area, as a result of a larger discount, the rest is not much. Generally speaking, the moon cake is divided into two kinds of sell and purchase and sale, after treatment in different ways. The sales staff said, after the Mid Autumn Festival approaching dumped goods, if there is a surplus of cakes, purchase and sale by supermarket own processing, and sell mooncakes refunded to the manufacturer, handled by the manufacturers. It is reported that many supermarkets have signed an agreement with the manufacturer has been noted that the sale of moon cake must be destroyed. Three, the remaining moon cake as a welfare internal digestion is now the production of various manufacturers of moon cake are produced according to demand, manufacturers once the order is reduced, stop production. Therefore, in general, not sold moon cake, not much, manufacturers will be pulled back from the stores, the company will be distributed to employees. Four, rural areas become unmarketable cakes "to offer man" according to industry sources, to deal with the existing residual moon cake a fixed process, general dealers will and manufacturers signed an agreement, after the Mid Autumn Festival to dealers for sale discount on the remaining moon cake, the moon cake will still not sold back to the manufacturer, after removal of the moon cake box that will serve as the bulk moon cake, again "contract" to other dealers, selling at a lower discount at the local farmers market, rural market etc.. After another round of sales, if overdue will be made out of other pastry fillings in rural sales. Five, the final unsold cake will do "feed" crush: diced pigs chickens according to the introduction, the final remaining cake will back to the factory after the split into small pieces, as poultry feed processing. There are some pig companies will go to the moon cake production enterprises purchase, take back the pigs. The general manager of Hangzhou Hangzhou Food Co., Li Jun said, they do not sell mooncakes last through the artificial destruction of crush. If a pig farmers to buy, with a few dollars a pound price to have crumb cakes sold.相关的主题文章: