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Where network train tickets can not find online shopping website called   the system delay was 12306 deny – Sichuan channel — people.com.cn original title: where the network train ticket can not find online shopping website system was denied 12306 train tickets online shopping delayed railway system can not find out where the network is called the railway system with delay 12306 denied and that from the regular way ticket yesterday, Zhao people reflect a piece of their own journey of troubles to the Beijing morning post. Ms. Zhao said, his last month from where the online ordering a train ticket, and by courier got the paper tickets before starting the trip but forget to carry, Ms. Zhao to re submit the report of loss through the station, but the train station staff did not find her ticket information. In this regard, where the network said it was delayed due to the railway system, and promised to refund passengers. The Ministry of Railways 12306 staff denied the network where the argument, and prompted the public to choose the official way ticket. 15 minutes before driving the information can not always find the train station staff to help me find a lot of times, did not find the ticket information. At that time, less than 15 minutes away from the car, it is too anxious." Zhao told the Beijing morning news reporter, on the eve of the holiday itself from where online ordering a ticket from Shandong to Zaozhuang Hangzhou sleeper train ticket, because where the network promises can buy lower berth ticket, so Zhao specially according to the website price higher than the price of nearly 40 yuan of price paid by courier and got the real name the certification before departure paper tickets (see above). But in front of the car that forget to carry, Ms. Zhao to the platform but the staff report required, repeated query times, have not found Zhao ticket information. Zhao said he was contacted in the past where the network of customer service personnel and ticket agents, but the other did not give an effective proposal, saying that the ticket is lost by the passengers themselves, Ms. Zhao need to bear their own responsibility. "It was really worried unbearably, if miss the train, so I will be affected after the trip." Finally, Zhao had to choose the first car, after the replacement ticket. The flight attendants did not inform the ticket sold according to Zhao recalled his car to the conductor and the staff to produce electronic order of their own, but they were also not from the Ministry of Railways systems found Zhao ticket information. "Before I went to bed later online shopping ticket carriage, want to ask the crew to check whether the ticket information, but the flight attendant told me that the tickets did not sell shops." Although in the past few days, Ms. Zhao is also the end of the journey back to Beijing, but she is still very angry about this, "where the network is not a small website, how they are and the third party cooperation, how to get a berth ticket I also do not understand, but they use my information to buy a ticket, I but can not fill the ticket, almost no car, this is really too angry." Response: the railway system, where the network delay for the matter, where the network customer service center staff said, Zhao Car Buying ticket outlets to sell the paper because it is the car)相关的主题文章: