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Which do you prefer, China or Japan? Philippines’s president says the Sohu news observer network [] according to the Philippines inquirer reported on October 26th, Philippines’s president Duthel Te in an interview in Manila, a Japanese reporter asked him in the day you love which one? Duthel Te said, "I like Philippines a little more between China and japan." Duthel Te said that he insisted on an independent foreign policy, which Japan can understand. Philippines President Duthel Te (source: CCTV News) in the speech on back criticism reported that Duthel Te in Tokyo on the 1200 day in the Philippines speech, he thanked the Japanese aid to Philippines, but he said the United States and the European Union launched the "war on drugs" accusations groundless statement is bullying, america". American officials seem to be to return to phenanthrene "strong words" words, Walter said bluntly, "publicly threatened to cut aid to Philippines made him like a dog begging. Filipinos poor go rather short. Don’t insult the philippines. As mayor of Davao City, he can tolerate unfair practices all outside, but as a symbol of the sovereignty of Philippines’s president, he has zero tolerance." Turning to outside criticism, he said, the prosecution does not matter, to sue me, come up with evidence. I am innocent. I belong to Philippines, for the country, I can rot in prison." As president, Tuttle special judicial immunity, but expires after retirement may be sued. For someone who said he was like a gangster, not a politician. Duthel Te responded, "that’s true. Fool, how do you find now." Turning to the feelings of Japan, is visiting Japan, Duthel Te said, (Japan) more comfortable". Duthel Te began his 25 day visit to Japan on a state visit of three days. On this trip, he will be marine defense cooperation and Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo to discuss, met with Japanese lawmakers, economic circles and the emperor Akihito, to persuade the Japanese official aid and private capital investment in Philippines transportation and infrastructure construction. Earlier, Abe Shinzo in Laos ASEAN Summit invited Duthel Te to visit japan. Japanese Foreign Minister Kishida Fumio to meet President Duthel Te of Philippines (source: Japan’s Kyodo News Agency) in Manila airport departure day Philippines talk before, Duthel Te in Manila Nino Aquino International Airport speech?. He said the trip to his independent foreign policy and the Philippine Japan relations are an important node". Duthel Te said, the Philippines and Japan to understand each other, I fully believe in Japan, I believe that Japan can understand the foreign policy I want to promote. Philippine Japan will be widely discussed in political, social, defense cooperation, especially in the field of marine experience and maritime security. Japan is a key ally of the United States, Philippines is also a valued partner, is a true friend of Philippines. The cornerstone of the Philippine Japan relations is to uphold the rule of law and peaceful settlement of international disputes." When a Japanese reporter asked him, which one do you prefer? Duthel Te said, "I like Philippines a little more between China and japan." Duthel Te made a four day state visit to China last week. The two sides will"相关的主题文章: