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Who says there’s no difference between the wheels! You don’t know the hub cold knowledge! – style is Sohu automobile hub is various, usually use car wheels can easily be scratched or stone body against harmful substances, resulting in the hub is easy to rust, many owners are beginning to focus on the protection of the hub. With the rapid development of automobile industry in Chinese, automobile hub as a key component, its production technology more and more attention, the traditional steel hub has gradually been replaced by Aluminum Alloy hub. Compared with the steel wheel hub, the proportion of aluminum wheels is reduced by 1/3, and the appearance and corrosion resistance are improved greatly. A hub includes a number of parameters, and each parameter will affect the use of the vehicle, so we have to confirm the parameters before the replacement of the tires. Usually in the car, wheel size large, flat tires is high, the visual tension can play a very good effect, but also in terms of vehicle handling stability will increase, but the increase in fuel consumption is such additional problems. So be sure to consider before refitting. Hub type: according to the characteristics and requirements of different models of the wheel surface treatment process will take different forms, can be divided into two kinds of paint and electroplating. Ordinary cars wheels do not prominent in appearance, good heat dissipation is one of the basic requirements, the basic use of the craft paint processing, which is to spray and then roasted, the cost is relatively economical and beautiful colors, keep for a long time, even if the vehicle is scrapped, the color of the same hub. Many popular models are the hub surface paint treatment process. Some of the stylish, vibrant color wheel also use paint technology. This kind of hub price moderate, the specification is complete. Electroplating hub and silver plating, electroplating and pure water plating type. Silver plating and electroplating water wheels while bright color and vivid, but maintains the time is short, so the price is relatively cheap, the love for many young people in the pursuit of novelty. Pure plating hub, color to maintain a long time, can be said to be high quality and high price. However, with the steel hub ratio, alloy wheel price to be a lot more expensive, so often in many low-end level of the original car, steel hub will appear in the low distribution models, and alloy wheels is standard with models. Basic knowledge of the tire: PCD: English Pitch Center Diameter abbreviation, which means that the number of mounting holes in the center of the circle diameter, is an important assembly parameters. ET is the abbreviation of OFFSET English, said mounting surface and sub surface between the rim distance is an important parameter in the assembly. Tire installation weight distribution should be uniform: at present, as a commonly used alloy wheel hub are all adopted in various models, the advantages of alloy wheel: 1 energy saving: alloy wheels of light weight, high manufacturing precision, small deformation in high speed rotation, inertia is small, is conducive to the improvement of the car straight line driving performance, reduce tire rolling resistance, thereby reducing fuel consumption. 2 safety: aluminum alloy thermal conductivity is three times the steel, heat effect is very相关的主题文章: