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Chinese University of science and technology innovation are the Taihang China Economic Forum of 50 members of the United States Zhou Qiren science and technology innovation strength, the reason is that it has formed a ecological. The house is the same, the campus is the same, the university name is called the University, but the people inside the activities are very different, very different. The connection of our university in the whole society, really want to rethink. Look at the Silicon Valley, companies and investment institutions, teachers and students of laboratory densely packed together. The building of innovation study, in addition to Losangeles, we went to the United States two city: San Francisco and Boston. The size of the two cities can be ignored, accounting for 0.1 percent of the land area of the United states. Silicon Valley is not an administrative division, is a commonly known, it is difficult to say the same size as Beijing, Zhongguancun. Although this is a very small place, but you can see a lot of things. Aggregation is occurred frequently in human history, we now see the Silicon Valley phenomenon, companies and investment institutions, intermediary organizations, teachers, students, in the laboratory, the small space densely packed together, this is a feature. Its core is a university, it is not valued early. And now, very influential Stanford University, after more than a century to become the world’s top universities, Silicon Valley is to the University as the center and the derivative. Now there are more than ten thousand large and small companies in the region, creating a lot of sales, GDP and jobs. I found in the investigation, Silicon Valley companies density. But how many patents are there in China? How many enterprises around the university? Can you, like Standford and MIT, draw a map of a high degree of concentration in universities and enterprises? This is a good topic to explore. Look at the east coast, there is a foundation to do 6 years of research, found that the MIT alumni founded more than 20 thousand companies, founded the annual rate of increase, entrepreneurs in decline, create sales amounted to $250 billion. This phenomenon gives me a strong impact, and why? Because this phenomenon has appeared many times. Israel itself is not large, in this small country, only a few places along the Mediterranean coast, densely distributed high-tech companies. Along this line of thought, and then push forward this phenomenon, found that aggregation is a phenomenon that occurs repeatedly in human history. We speak of Greek civilization, geometry, logic are Greek knowledge. The Greek learning is the earliest founded Platon Institute, the Institute has become a gathering of outstanding scholars, students discuss the place, the impact on the entire human being is very large. China is similar to Shandong. In 300 BC, the ancient capital of Linzi (Zibo today), is the most famous school of Jixia academy. 150 years, thousands of people inside, contention of a hundred schools of thought. In such a long time, Linzi is also a small space, but a lot of powerful people together. Then in the middle of the Renaissance, Dante and others all appeared in a few places, just a few villages around Florence. Then the next section.相关的主题文章: