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Why he can not see the sun "? The sina finance opinion leader (WeChat public kopleader) columnist Wu Xiaobo who used the mistake in the process of seeking "can not see the sun", he was eager to express their ideas and theories, at the same time also showed a very eye-catching heretical attitude. He continuously, let a person be struck dumb, the promise of practical joke finally let him in the political and economic circles, the media and the public level multiple dishonesty. Why he can not see the sun "since a" canned change planes "the legend of trade, he never seriously done a deal. In January 7, 1999, he was sitting in a black Audi car company to work on the way, in the vicinity of Mentougou Road, a police approached the license, at this time, waiting for the Beijing, Wuhan has already dispatched two police officers quickly catch up, be arrested. Less than three minutes before and after the whole process, passers-by are unaware. He did not seem surprised when arrested. The police found a letter on his body, he asked his acquaintances in the letter after the accident to take care of their children. In the Chinese enterprise history, he is a most peculiar species. If he had not been in business, he would have been a good middle school teacher, an amateur political commentator, or an ambitious County official. He is full of adventure and passion for this era of intense change. At the time of his karate people talked about, is also very people inspired a generation of fortune. However, he was ashamed to do specific industry, the capital operation is infinite obsession. Since the "can change planes a famous battle, he has been flying around the country, announced a staggering project. In 1992, he proposed by Ferdinand $1 million 500 thousand exclusive sponsored "Chinese Economic Forum" held in mainland China, a total of two times a year, invited Chinese entrepreneurs and economists around the world in Chinese; then, he announced the establishment of high-tech development zone of 1000 acres in Beijing, for the development and production of high-tech projects, invested 50 million yuan to build south a high protein feed plant in each county; in 1993, he signed an agreement with Chongqing University joint education at the same time, the two sides decided to Chongqing Hot pot fast food, to the rest of the world, to achieve sales revenue of 100 billion yuan in five years, invested 200 million yuan to set up Chongqing South Hot pot spicy fast-food company, from 100 billion out of 1 billion 500 million yuan of income yuan for the establishment of Chongqing University education fund. In addition, he announced the acquisition of a local Chongqing diesel auto repair factory. The same year in the spring, he announced plans to invest 10 billion yuan investment development in Manchuria, the construction of the "northern Hongkong", in November, he and Zhangjiajie signed an agreement, plans 1 billion yuan owned regional development. In 1994, he was "Forbes" included in the list of the world’s richest, its reputation, became the most prominent and inspiring entrepreneurs, that where the mulleri style seems more and more big. He proposed to build a 118 storey building, the location is considered in Beijing or Shanghai, under the square called Deng Xiaoping square, investment of 10 billion yuan相关的主题文章: