Why Sig Sauer Pistols Are A Balance Between Old And New-mmhouse

Shopping-and-Product-Reviews The earliest and the most legendary series of Sig Sauer pistols is the 1911 Sig Sauer Traditional. Introduced in the year 1911, it has already successfully crossed a 100 year mark in the firearms industry. The Sig Sauer Traditional models are today available in a refined version as well and known as the modern range of 1911. The same 1911 Sig Sauer Traditional pistols are ergonomically improved and other significant changes are also brought into it. The 1911 pistols are an example of Sig Sauer perfectly balancing between the old and new range of firearms that meet the user demands. The modern 1911 range is more user friendly but carries the external design, ruggedness and durability just like the traditional ones. The manufacturers in the modern 1911 range has retained the legendary accuracy of the gun as well, this is one reason that it is still popular among the law enforcement and military bodies around the world. The new traditional Sig Sauer pistol is also chambered in three calibers such as the .22 LR, .40 s&w and the 9 mm. Traditional 1911 Sig Sauer pistols .prises 5 models. The 1911 Traditional Reverse Two-Tone is among the best tactical weapons and one of the first Sig pistol to have the front cocking mechanism, 3-hole trigger and a natural stainless steel frame. It also has a protective nitron coating for high durability. In Traditional Tacops model, the grip safety, optimum grip and match-grade barrel are important features. In the Match Elite Stainless model, there is checkered wood grip frames, nitron coated slide, stainless steel body and the pistol is chambered to fire the .45 ACP and the .40 caliber S&W among the lower velocity cartridges. You can easily mount adjustable target sights on this pistol. Focusing on close tolerances and .plete reliability is the newer versions of the 1911. There is an exceptional trigger pull with classic ergonomics that gives these models an extra edge. The number of models were also increased. .pact, Carry, Nitron and Scorpion versions were added to the existing ones. There was also a modern tactical 1911 model named as the 1911 Tactical Operations. The 1911 Nitron Rail especially had an accessory rail for the mounting of optical sights. If the field of operation was the arid desert, the 1911 Desert came to be in use. 1911 Desert model was chambered to fire the .45 ACP only and had a Single Action Only firing module. It was also designed for 8 rounds of magazine capacity. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: