Wildlife Resorts In East India-下北glory days

Travel-and-Leisure If you want to escape the urban blues and experience that much-awaited thrill and excitement, wildlife sanctuaries in India are the best options for you. Add more adventure to your holiday as you embark on incredible wildlife tours across Eastern India. Wildlife resorts in East India provide the perfect base for you to enjoy fishing, jungle trails, boat cruises and trekking. The major wildlife sanctuaries in East India include Bhitar Kanika Wildlife Sanctuary, Hazaribagh Wildlife Sanctuary, Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary, Manas Wildlife Sanctuary, Palamau Wildlife Sanctuary, Simlipal Wildlife Sanctuary and Sunderbans Wildlife Sanctuary. You can plan a trip to any of these wildlife sanctuaries and avail excellent accommodation nearby. You will get information on the list of available wildlife resorts in East India and other India hotels and resorts from online hotel booking worldwide websites. You can also book other travel packages including elephant safaris and other jungle safaris across India from the online hotel booking sites. You need to browse through various websites and find the rates at which they offer tour packages. You can explore the wildlife sanctuaries either on foot or on jeep safaris and elephant safaris. Make sure that you select an accommodation within or nearby the wildlife sanctuary. With hotel booking facilities just a click away, you can enjoy a jungle-experience any time you want to! The wildlife sanctuaries of East India are known for their varied plant and animal life. Amongst the famous East India, wildlife sanctuaries aforementioned, the Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary and Manas Wildlife Sanctuary are the most popular. With a distinct character, these wildlife sanctuaries of Assam offer you a unique jungle experience. The finest wildlife resorts in east India are located close to these wildlife sanctuaries. Caressed by the waters of the Brahmaputra River in Assam, the Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary is a must visit on East India wildlife tours. Recognized as a wildlife sanctuary in 1940, Kaziranga became a national park in the year 1976. Sit is home to some of the endangered species of the world including the one-horned Rhinoceros and Wild Buffalos. Tigers, Barasingha, Hog Deer and elephants and a rare variety of avian species constitute the major wildlife population of the national park. Swamp Partridge, Blue-breasted quail and Himalayan Griffon are some of the exotic species of birds here. The Graylag Geese, Ruddy Shelduck, Gadwall and Falcated Duck are some of the unique migratory birds who often visit and add more beauty to this region. Stay within the national park and wake up early morning to listen to the chirping of birds, breaking the mystery and silence overpowering the jungle. Take a quick lunch at your resort and embark on elephant and jeep safaris to know more about denizens sheltered beyond that dense foliage. You can visit the national park between the months of November and April. Search for best the tourist lodges and wildlife resorts online. Whether you are looking for luxury or cheap hotels, you will get a wide array of options near the wildlife sanctuary. Know the rate of discounts you can avail on lodging facilities from discount hotel booking. The Wild Grass Lodge is one of the most popular modes of accommodation here. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: