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William Chan s "Buddha" with intimate sister hungry head kill – Anhui channel — people.com.cn original title: William Chan s "Buddha" with intimate sister hungry would kill William Chan s passion, an intimate and would kill the Buddha s in micro-blog out "Queen" will wear, with William Chan sweet interaction. Last night (29 days), William Chan and Nick in "sister" opened a hungry dog abuse mode. Meet your new men of God, not only incarnate many small sister, a standard anthomaniac face, see William Chan in front of the monitor photo shoot with emotion, "I told the screen as handsome and really let people yiluanqingmi!" Full of affection seemed to overflow screen. William Chan is on the show on the charm, not only sing and dance well, everywhere reveal a gentleman, occasionally shy Wuzui smile small adorable expression is all evil. Program, the two people, whether it is cooking, interviews, or acting small interaction, but also let the scene filled with pink bubbles. William Chan is the strength of ring powder, "I don’t want to be small so I want bad up countless men of God in the small Buddha is full of fans mentality, a face of bashful smile did not stop. In the program, s is not to ask William Chan what fans can do, William Chan said, "can do will try to do." A remark, let the Buddha and circle of countless powder. The fans are more love and would kill, kill small bold for head, William Chan did not expect a "good friends", let s instantly blushed. But small is a small s, a willful coquetry "I don’t want to be my bad", let William Chan feel shy and funny. In the face of not only acting, singing and dancing and skiing will William Chan, in which even small shy said, "I will say that I can’t set over, because I love you too." In addition, would kill the intimate embrace staged drama, William Chan and Nick together do steak. Bring their own cooking, upright boy William Chan bluntly that they do not cook, can only do the dark cuisine. And weird little rescue immediately said, "I would love to eat William Chan’s dark cuisine." A word is amused by users, but also to the atmosphere more hot. Good brother word, fans can usually tattoo the audience to see William Chan is on the screen cool handsome male god, is holding baby killer cute, but in the "sister" hungry, he is a warm heart do the male idol. To introduce myself for the fans and the grain s crown, William Chan tells the fans and their stories, all the fans for William Chan that he has in mind. The small fans show as head kill skills, William Chan eyes overflow is also on the enthusiasm of the fans and love. In addition to heart idol, William Chan in the program for the support, also shows its big brother style. This program, William Chan presided over the young Mchency as an assistant to join the program, in order to allow Mr Henry to come up with more color, small Chen Handian’s momentum to "force" Mchency, let it with more acting trick to please the audience. In order to let you perform more smoothly and at ease, William Chan will be there)相关的主题文章: