Within 5 years, nearly 10 million people to be relocated, where my money which come out of poverty ghost observer

Within 5 years, nearly 10 million people to be relocated, where money where to move out of poverty at the original title: who? Where to move? Where money? How to get rid of poverty? Focus on "national" 13th Five-Year "to resettle planning" four aspect chart: focus on "national" 13th Five-Year "to resettle planning" four aspect Xinhua News Agency reporter Ma Yan compiled approved by the State Council, the national development and Reform Commission recently issued the "national" 13th Five-Year "to resettle planning", plans to implement easily. Poverty alleviation and relocation of nearly 10 million poor people filing cards within five years, efforts to solve the living in one side of the water can not afford the poverty problem of the poor person "area. Easy to move to move? Move where to go? Where did the money come from? How to move out of poverty? National Development and Reform Commission held a news briefing 22, to disclose the main contents of the planning and highlights. Aspect one: to move people? "Planning" clear, moving object is "one side of the water can not afford the poor filing riser after verification of poverty alleviation and development of participatory information system of one person" area, about 9 million 810 thousand people. The area of the moving area involves about 1400 counties in 22 provinces. NDRC deputy inspector Yang Qian introduced in the briefing, to move out from the regional perspective, mainly includes four areas: one is the mountains, hills, remote alpine desertification and soil erosion, and soil thermal conditions, it is difficult to meet the needs of daily life, do not have the basic conditions of the development area. This kind of resources due to a serious shortage of capacity to participatory poverty relocation of 3 million 160 thousand people. Two is the national main functional area planning prohibited development zone or restricted development zone. Three transportation, water conservancy, electricity, communications and other infrastructure, as well as education, health and other basic public service facilities are very weak, difficult to solve engineering measures, construction and operation of high cost areas. This area needs participatory poverty relocation of 3 million 400 thousand people. Four is a serious local disease, geological disaster prone areas. In addition, taking into account the migration area of the natural environment and development conditions have homogeneity, as well as part of life need to implement synchronous relocation at the same combination of the non participatory population, the country with their own actual plan arrangements for the implementation of synchronous relocation of population about 6000000 people. Synchronous shared the relocation of population resettlement area infrastructure and basic public service facilities and the participatory population, but do not enjoy the relevant housing construction grant funds. Aspect two: move to where? The reporter learned that, in accordance with the voluntary participation of the masses, should move to move as the principle in the early stage of village based survey research, combined with promoting new urbanization, "planning" proposed to take centralized resettlement, resettlement and decentralized resettlement. Centralized resettlement population accounted for 76.4% of the total size of the relocated population, scattered resettlement population accounted for the total size of the relocation of the population of 23.6%. In the resettlement of the population, better administrative villages relying on the village center or traffic conditions near the centralized resettlement accounted for 39%, in the surrounding counties, towns or villages planning and construction of immigrant village resettlement accounted for 15%, in the small town construction or industrial park near the resettlement area concentrated resettlement accounted for 37%, according to Qi相关的主题文章: