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Word rom! C, for 6 consecutive years, breaking the 50 mark ball football first person C Ronaldo to shake hands with opponents of sina sports news Real Madrid home court against Sporting Gijon, 18 minutes before C Ronaldo scored two, Real Madrid win made distinctions won in battle at the same time, the Portuguese also continue to refresh the data with their own. After only 5 minute penalty opportunity, C Ronaldo overnight, which makes C Ronaldo broke the 5 round of the Bernabeu golf ball shortage, the last time he scored in Bernabeu’s September 10th, during the whole 424 minutes later. At the same time, it is also C Ronaldo in La Liga in Bernabeu scored 150th goals. Zidane era, C Ronaldo contributed 50 goals, which scored 37 assists in 13. After C Ronaldo scored again, to further expand its own data. C Luo also created a more cattle data, which is C Robben fifty-first goals for the past three years, a breakthrough in the past 50 goals, including Real Madrid’s 38 goals, Portugal’s 13 goals. He also became the first European football for 6 consecutive years to obtain the 50 mark in a single year natural star. In 2011, C Ronaldo scored 60 goals; in 2012, C Ronaldo scored 63 goals in the in the year of the ball in the C; in the year of 2014, C Ronaldo scored a goal in the year of C Ronaldo in in the year of 57 in the year of 2015. C Ronaldo has contributed 51 goals this year. C Ronaldo also created another record for 7 consecutive years, scoring over 30 goals in La Liga, 2010 36, 2011 2012 43 ball ball, 40 ball, 38 ball, 38 ball in 2013 2014, 2015 2016 37 ball, 31 ball, of course, this year there is no end, C Luo hope to continue to expand their own data. At present, C Ronaldo with 10 goals to lead scorer in La liga. (flat)相关的主题文章: