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"World of Warcraft: the Legion coming" holiday activities officially return — game original title: holiday activities officially return to practice arena rewards box holiday activities back to the "World of Warcraft:" the first Legion came in, holiday activities and related PvP arena. Sharpen your blade, raise your banner. The PvP arena has summoned, and the busy and chaotic practice has begun! What is a holiday activity? Holiday activities will be in accordance with the timetable for different games to provide additional. According to the current plan, the holiday will start from Thursday every week. Each holiday will provide a passive bonus to a game’s behavior, and provide a one-time task, after the completion of the corresponding goals can be considerable reward. You can view the calendar in the game and learn about the upcoming event schedule. Adventure Guides will also provide the most direct route to holiday activities, so that you can easily receive the appropriate tasks. This week: Arena practice this week, no matter where you are in Ai Ze Lars, you can open the team Finder (the default shortcut: I), select the PvP tab in the window below, then select 2v2 or 3v3 in the "arena", and click "add into the battle". You will be automatically matched to the team, and fight with your opponent in the arena. In the next week at the entrance of the fortress: Dalaran violet Archmage Randa Rock will give you the task. Task requirements: 10 games to win the PvP arena practice victory task reward: a PvP prize box passive benefits in practice: honors 50% increase if you want some honor points, this week is the best time! (commissioning editor: Shen Guangqian, Yang Yu Poirot)相关的主题文章: