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Business Most business owners do not know what their financial position will be next month never mind six or twelve months in advance. What impact would knowing where your business will be financially in say, three months time have on your business? Here are five steps to get you on the road to foretelling the future in your business. 1.Set a budget Plan your goals and set yourself targets in terms of your turnover as well as related costs. Consider what you want to happen in your business. What do you want to achieve in terms of revenue based over the whole year and then broken down on a monthly basis? 2.Track your progress Track what you plan against what actually happens and compare the two outcomes. Measure and track, measure and track, measure and track. That is the only way that you are going to be able to forecast what your financial position will be in three, or six, or even twelve months time. 3.Tweak your plan Adjust your plan to help you reach your goals. This is where you tweak your budget as the months go by. You want to make sure that the variance between what you plan to happen and what actually happens gets smaller and smaller each month giving you the ability to accurately forecast income and expenses for your business. 4.Analyse the difference Find out why differences occur and what has happened to take you off track. This will enable you to narrow the difference between what you want to happen and what actually happens. The more you do this, the more accurately you will be able to forecast what will happen in coming months. 5.Recognise the difference Now that you are forecasting pretty accurately in terms of the performance of your business, the performance of your revenue and the performance of your expenses, you need to consider off Profit and Loss payments outgoings that are going out of your bank account which do not appear on your Profit and Loss Statement. These include payments you make to the tax office, loan repayments, hire-purchase agreements and business owner drawings that are not part of a wage or salary. By seeing what has happened in steps one – four for your Profit and Loss Statement, and then bringing in step five, your bank account, you are now able to see what the true financial position of your business will be in three months time. About the Author: Tracey is an enthusiastic business professional with a passion for people, their numbers and playing the numbers game the effective way. All of the techniques designed by Tracey help you understand the key numbers in your business. Not all the ins and outs, but the numbers you need to know in order to build a highly profitable, cashflow positive, money making machine! Working as a team with the Financial Accountant Traceys clients benefit from specialized Accounting and Financial support on a continual basis, removing the stress of the numbers and allowing her clients to enjoy doing what they are good atbeing an Entrepreneur. Article Published On: http://www.articlesnatch.com – Business By: Boothlillian – Entrepreneur and philanthropist Caesar Dinucci is one of three recipients selected for the 2016 Advancing One Community Award in Anchorage. By: Punyam Management – FAMI QS Certification enables operator to implement the objectives of the Feed Hygiene Regulation, and to provide measures to demonstrate that other feed safety regulatory requir … By: PRP – Sunshine Capital, Inc. Updates Shareholders and Announces the Opening of Its New Corporate Website By: akansha tyagi – One km from India’s largest Mall, NEO Mall and a little over one km from E-city Metro Station. Walk able distance from Wipro, HP Surya Park, adjacent to Hiram Summit Projecting other … By: akansha tyagi – In totaling electrical points for T. V, air-conditioner, phone is suitably provided. Discover the delight of living in a heavenly residence at Prestige Sunrise Park Your wonderful … By: akansha tyagi – The building complex fulfils all your needs easily because it is conveniently located and offers you a mesmerizing locality that fits your family completely and offers you the oppor … By: akansha tyagi – There are a host of fitness and relaxation zones within the complex. You can avail of a Club House, Meditation Center, Sports Facility, Kids Play Area, Swimming Pool, Gym, Landscape … By: akansha tyagi – Enjoy your family get-together, relaxed-evenings and much-more every other day. At prestige Sunrise Park all apartments have advanced and first-class fittings and vitrified tiles for … By: akansha tyagi – Life at Sunrise Park is the best way to balance personal and professional life. Add sunshine to your life and see how you add hours to each day by getting closer to everything that m … By: akansha tyagi – Prestige Sunrise Park offers you one, two, two bed with study, and three bedroom homes (1 BHK, 2 BHK, 2.5 BHK & 3 BHK) in affordable charges, set in 15 towers spread across 25-acres. … 相关的主题文章: