Wowkie Zhang named Wang Sicong commented on each other mercilessly criticized the new song – in punyu

Wowkie Zhang Wang Sicong commented on the song named Beijing – other ruthless criticism in new network on 7 September, according to Taiwan "China times news, Wang Jianlin son Wang Sicong, often in the micro-blog entertainment news comments, often shot always set off the hot friends. Wang Sicong has been criticized by Wowkie Zhang before the creation of plagiarism, in micro-blog directly named Wang Sicong, to each other as their new "human" boutique hi up comment, but Fanzao killed Wang Sicong saying mercilessly. Wowkie Zhang is active in the variety show, the former adapted "airuchaoshui" because of alleged plagiarism of foreign DJ Zedd’s "Candy Man" was the arranger, Wang Sicong publicly criticized the "pixel copy", "bite the bullet does not recognize", from the two knot knot. The day before Wowkie Zhang in the program "the greatest hero in the world" published by the more than and 20 hit song on new "human" boutique hi hi turn, let the audience, perhaps see a warm response, he is more open to each other in the micro-blog propaganda Wang Sicong, commented on his new. However, Wang Sicong is ruthless, shameless or directly responded: "your pretty clothes. This can also be called the words of the next time I can compose." The point of Wowkie Zhang’s is still plagiarism, users also have a message "money is capricious, who want to tear tear who" and "plagiarism confidently, is really big".相关的主题文章: