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Wu Yingjie South Korea Langdon music programs offer new stage debut with Ok Taec Yeon Wu Yingjie Wu Yingjie of South Korea shows Sina entertainment news with upcoming buddies Wu Yingjie [micro-blog] first mini album "GEMMA", the first wave of "Sugar Rush" recently hit single hot line, ghost also launched a publicity campaign in South korea. Following the evening of September 28th boarded the "Show Champion" program, in September 29th, boarded the M! CountDown "performance stage. Since April this year, Wu Yingjie joined the South Korean brokerage firm CJ E& M, in addition to a small number of stroke exposure, almost in a closed state, the trainee attitude deep South Korea assiduous study of singing and dancing and Kung fu. Six months of careful preparation of the first mini album "GEMMA" will be officially released in October, the first wave of the single hit "Sugar Rush" took the lead on the line. The appearance of the new buddies Wu Yingjie obviously lost a lap, but a combination of period changed the old image of a little girl, black leather skirt heating hot big show slender proud figure. It is reported that South Korea will also love promotional trip through more music program. It is worth mentioning that last night, Wu Yingjie and Ok Taec Yeon [micro-blog] in the M! CountDown backstage intimate photo, so that after a couple of years after the ghost Ze couple again three. This has been in South Korea in love reality show, we got married, the classic CP again with the box reminded many fans memories. The end of the Korean propaganda after the trip, ghosts will be fought in the domestic, the first mini album "GEMMA" will also present.相关的主题文章: