Xi’an issued a heavy air pollution warning level IV vehicle is not limited to the line (video)-boee

Xi’an issued a heavy air pollution warning grade of the vehicle is not limited to Western news (reporter Yan Shanyu) for the next 3 days Xi’an air pollution diffusion unfavorable conditions, the evening of 9, reduce haze pollution in Xi’an office issued a heavy air pollution grade blue warning, want the public to take public transport, reduce air pollution due to human factors the. Combined with the province to analyze and predict the Central Meteorological Station in November 9th 18 issued by the haze warning, meteorological, environmental protection departments in consultation, the next 24 hours in Guanzhong area will appear moderate haze, the air quality will reach Xi’an at night is expected to moderate pollution, some regions may reach severe pollution, the next three days and no downward trend. To protect public health, reduce air pollution intensity, the office of the Xi’an heavy pollution weather emergency department in November 9th 19 issued a heavy air pollution in Xi’an IV (blue) warning, asked the district government, development zone and municipal relevant departments to organize and implement emergency measures. Xi’an City Office of haze pollution reduction requirements of the various regulatory departments to increase the construction sites and bare ground, material and other places dust control measures for the implementation of the inspection efforts; city management departments and traffic departments to strengthen road cleaning, reduce traffic dust pollution; environmental protection departments to strengthen supervision of polluting enterprises, ensure the pollutant discharge standards; requirements led to strengthen public security department yellow car, no standard car and efforts to deal with the black smoke of the vehicle, and put an end to the forbidden line into the area or the limit line area, while increasing the police force, to strengthen the guidance, ensure the smooth road running, and increase efforts to investigate the prohibition of fireworks in the city area. Reduce haze pollution in Xi’an do remind children, the elderly and respiratory, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and other vulnerable populations to reduce outdoor sports, and I hope the public to travel by public transport, reduce vehicle on the road. (Western Network – Shaanxi News Network) Note: video only for extended reading. Air heavy pollution emergency response level III相关的主题文章: