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Xiangtan pension concept changed   security is no longer a dream — Hunan — people.com.cn channel at present, Xiangtan City, the population aged 60 and over 539 thousand people, representing the city’s total population of 17.9%, of which 65 of the population over the age of 343 thousand, the proportion of the aging population is higher than the province, ranking second in the province’s aging degree. We are pleased to see that Xiangtan elderly pension concept has changed, government departments and all sectors of society took action, construct a perfect old-age service system, the protection of the elderly care". An old man happy life pension on September 27th at 7 in the morning, 78 year old Zhang Yaobao just finished morning from the garden, went straight into the Yuetang xiashesi Street Community Service Center cafeteria for breakfast. The good old man’s day begins. The pension service center was founded in the end of June 2015, the original old power plant staff hospital into a 106 bed, there are 72 elderly residents. Service center by the community to provide office services free of charge, and the introduction of various types of professional, social, autonomous pension services. Open space, chess room, entertainment room, medical room and leisure facilities, etc.. Zhang Yaobao is a retired worker of the original power plant, is also the first to come here". He has four children, the work is very busy, but also set up their own small family, before he and his wife live together with the two. In June last year, after consultation with their children, the old two live together with the Department of the next photo studio street community service center. "Life is richer, more comfortable and less expensive than home. Here we can play chess, watch movies, sing songs, there are a lot of fitness equipment, and equipped with medical staff to give us some basic physical examination every week……" Zhang Yaobao happily told us about his life here, "it’s fun to live with a group of elderly people, just like a big family." He counted a bill, before living at home, please take care of a nanny, plus a variety of living expenses, to spend 4000 yuan per month – $5000. Living in the pension service center, the couple spent as long as 3200 yuan per month. However, the old man saw that there is a special medical room, medical staff on duty 24 hours, experiencing physical discomfort and need help, the room rang bedside call bell, the staff immediately rushed over. Zhang Yaobao said, one morning earlier this year, when his wife walks suddenly fell to the ground, the staff arrived, was sent to hospital emergency treatment, treatment. "The doctor diagnosed a sudden cerebral hemorrhage, thanks to the hospital in time, it saved lives." The incidence of his wife let Zhang Yaobao deeply appreciate the community pension benefits, "thought the live pension service center a little embarrassed, always afraid of people say their gossip, actually this kind of idea really should change, live here, comprehensive services, children often come to see, very good." Multi service pension system has become in recent years, such as Zhang Yaobao, the concept of change in the elderly, the choice of more and more elderly community care, etc.相关的主题文章: