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FAW chairman Xu Jianyi on trial accused of taking bribes 12 million FAW chairman Xu Jianyi on trial accused of taking bribes 12 million Author: Yan Yaobin   FAW chairman Xu Jianyi case finally entered the closing stages. China Business News learned from informed sources, September 28th – 29, Xu Jianyi in Beijing first intermediate people’s court for trial, Beijing city procuratorate seized the first prosecution of alleged bribery of $12 million. Public information display, born in December 1953, native of Jiangsu Nanjing, was born in Shandong to participate in the work of Fushan, 1970 04, 1975 began working in faw. In the fall before the 62 year old Xu Jianyi has been at the helm of the company for 7 years, in addition to the main government from 2003 to 2007 briefly in Jilin City, Xu Jianyi 40 years of occupation career, has spent 36 years in the FAW group. Founded in July 1953, FAW Group, which has four listed companies. FAW Group’s official website, "so far, the FAW Group total sales of all kinds of cars more than 2400 vehicles, about 500000000000 Yuan in profits and taxes, the formation of northeast, north, southwest of Southern China and four base, located in Harbin, Jilin, Beijing, Tianjin, Changchun more than and 10 city. In 2008, Xu Jianyi became the head of FAW Group, whose main goal is to lead the development of independent brands and the overall listing of FAW group. 7 years later, when Xu Jianyi sacked, these goals are not achieved in the two. He not only led the FAW Group is expanding its territory, but also did not hold its predecessors inheritance to the hands of the "status", the FAW Group took over from the domestic car fell to second place, now fourth. Not only that, he hasn’t been able to hold on to his life. In 2014, general manager An Dewu, former deputy general manager of FAW Group, FAW – FAW-Volkswagen Automobile Co former deputy general manager and sales company Li Wu, FAW – Volkswagen Audi Sales Department Deputy General Manager Zhou Chun, is a criminal investigation on suspicion of serious violations of the law, because Li Wu left the FAW – Volkswagen has more than 8 years of retired executives traced to speculation behind certainly there will be another "big tiger" case. In October 29, 2014, the central thirteenth inspection team to the FAW Group special inspections feedback, the FAW Group Leader Zhu Baocheng said, "honest government responsibility is not in place, lack of implementation of the" three major "system, the problem of discipline violations have occurred on 2011, inspections found problems rectification ineffective, multiple corruption, resource configuration in the field of car sales". FAW Group subsequently established rectification work leading group, Xu Jianyi served as head of the inspection teams feedback problem rectification, determined the 26 rectification task, has held 15 Party Standing Committee and the enlarged meeting of the deployment of rectification task. FAW Group in the rectification briefing said: "in addition to the judicial authorities handed over three suspected illegal clues, making the central inspection group feedback on the rectification of the second phase (2015) work plan." At 17:55 on March 15, 2015, the central theory相关的主题文章: