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Yang Mi Liyan Tong "enlisted" beautiful young girl wearing camouflage becomes the second guy lead: a few days ago on micro-blog in advance to send birthday wishes Wang Junkai Yang Mi, also mentioned in his blog the next time will not get the mobile phone. Can’t get the phone? What happened? Because of the big power and Liyan Tong participated in the reality show "real man" recording, hand in hand "the army"! The goddess dressed in camouflage posing, really beautiful. (Editor: Gon Freecss @ Yang Mi "enlisted" off the meat) Liyan Tong turned female a few days ago Yang Mi released micro-blog ahead of Wang Junkai on the birthday wishes, also claimed that their next time will not get the mobile phone. This words say netizens puzzled. Under what circumstances can not even get the phone?! It turned out that Yang Mi and Liyan Tong participated in the reality show "real man" recording, the two hand in the army. Wearing camouflage uniforms of Yang Mi and Liyan Tong is regarded as "the most beautiful female"! In the near future is the school season, in addition to the army of Yang Mi and Liyan Tong, many new flowers are military training. A time to camouflage the goddess became their standard. However, when it comes to the goddess wearing camouflage uniforms posing, have the right to speak is Yang Mi. The girls usually represent Wind dress, the heart also is hiding a camouflage control". Yang Mi wearing camouflage coat is the most representative single product is camouflage coat, although it is a proud adorable sister paper, but Yang Mi was wearing a camouflage jacket love. Compared to the tooling cutting style, editing more recommended jacket coat, like Yang Mi choose a collage with a badge decorative camouflage jacket is more playful. Baby wearing camouflage coat collocation with Yang Mi camouflage suit than the Angelababy collocation is more street, but also small sexy show. Angelababy with large camouflage jacket skirt collocation, the perfect interpretation of the new matching mode this year "clothing" disappeared, and show a pair of legs, but also with indistinct sexy. Statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description. Camouflage Camo Baseball Jacket Coat GANNI 1880 yuan Saint Laurent camouflage coat Off-White 12058 yuan 8423 yuan Yang Mi wearing camouflage canvas jacket skirt as a member of "camouflage control", Yang Mi camouflage single product really is comprehensive, from the jacket to the skirt, and then to the shoes and bags, all she has a camouflage category. Yang Mi camouflage skirt collocation is very simple, simple white T-shirt collocation silver white flat sole is complete, one of the other. Let the tough camouflage single product also become a part of her teen girl collocation, also have no sense of violation. Rag & camouflage skirt collocation; collocation bone white T-shirt skirt 2434 yuan 753 yuan IRO Common Projects white shoes 3067 yuan Yang Mi camouflage bag a Baseball Jacket, Yang Mi did not forget to carry a camouflage backpack. In fact, in the fashion circle,.相关的主题文章: