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Yanji airport is prohibited to carry passengers boarding on the Samsung Note7 mobile phone Zhang Jingtu, the civil aviation bureau announcement said: "for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 mobile phone problems, to ensure the safety of air transport, from October 27, 2016 onwards, the civil aviation authority prohibited passengers and crew to carry or carry the Samsung Galaxy Note7 mobile phone in hand luggage will be prohibited, the Samsung Galaxy Note7 add checked baggage in the mobile phone, the Samsung Galaxy Note7 mobile phone will be prohibited as air cargo transportation. Yanji Airport Transportation Service Manager Qi Yue introduced, in accordance with the requirements of the civil aviation authority, 10 month 27 day, Yanji Airport prohibited passengers and crew members carrying luggage or Samsung Galaxy Note7 mobile phone board. Yanji airport to increase outreach efforts, at the ticket, inquiry, check-in, security check and cargo collection counter placed obvious signs, and the passengers to inform passengers as soon as possible, to understand potential safety problems of the Samsung Galaxy Note7 mobile phone. To remind the public security organs and civil aviation administrative authorities that the violation of the above-mentioned provisions of the Civil Aviation Administration, according to the circumstances, according to the relevant laws and regulations seriously dealt with.

延吉机场严禁旅客携带三星Note7手机登机 张京 图   日前,民航局发布公告称:“针对三星Galaxy Note 7手机存在的问题,为确保航空运输安全,从2016年10月27日起,民航局严禁旅客和机组成员随身或在手提行李中携带三星Galaxy Note7手机,严禁将三星Galaxy Note7手机放入托运行李中托运,严禁将三星Galaxy Note7手机作为航空货物收运。   延吉机场运输服务部经理齐跃介绍,按照民航局要求,10月27日起,延吉机场严禁旅客和机组成员携带或托运三星Galaxy Note7手机登机。延吉机场加大对外宣传力度,在售票、问询、办理乘机手续、安全检查及货物收运等柜台明显位置摆放指示牌,并对旅客进行告知,让旅客尽快了解三星Galaxy Note7手机存在的安全隐患。提醒对于违反民航局上述规定者,公安机关、民航行政机关将根据情节,依照有关法律、法规严肃处理。相关的主题文章: