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Yili plan to prevent malicious acquisition of suspected suspension dispersed ownership caused the suspect Sina Taiwan Fund exposure: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Erie shares suffered venture capital placards, announced in September 19th that it was planning major issues Temporary suspension. Analysis of the industry, said the queen of the emergency suspension or to find the king support, in order to avoid the so-called hostile takeover risk. The previous evening, Yili disclosure, sunshine insurance and sunshine life total holdings of Erie shares 303 million shares, hit placards. Although the sun does not promise to increase the insurance, but still lead to industry speculation. According to the sunshine insurance placards, China CIRC supervision department director Ren Chunsheng said that the use of insurance funds, the sunshine insurance is financial investment behavior in the open market normal. The Nanfang Daily reporter Zhao Binghui Ou Zhikui that 1 barbarians raid leading dairy? In the venture capital can treasure "invasion" of the first domestic housing prices Vanke, venture capital sunshine will look at leading dairy yili. In September 18th, Yili disclosure of changes in equity report shows that Sunshine Insurance Holdings through the trading system of 5667900 shares, accounting for 0.09% of the total share capital. After changes in equity, the sun and the sun life insurance total shares ordinary shares of Erie shares 303240065 shares, representing 5% of total share capital, hit placards. Public data shows, Yili shares are scattered, in the top ten shareholders, the largest shareholder of Hohhot investment limited liability company holding only 8.84%, while ranking second in the Hongkong Central Clearing Company Limited for 6.25%, third has become the sunshine insurance holding 5%, Pan Gang ranked fourth holding 3.08%, three executives, Zhao Chengxia Liu Chunhai Yili, Hu Liping were holding 1.39%, 1.38%, 1.32%. In contrast, a few other domestic milk prices, the relative concentration of shares. Mengniu shareholders COFCO, Danone, love’s dawn formed a joint venture company holds 31.5% stake in Mengniu; three yuan shares the largest shareholder of the first agricultural group holding 35.79%; Bright Dairy, the largest shareholder of bright food holding 54.35%. Compared to other domestic milk prices, Erie dispersed equity, so that its defense capabilities in the acquisition of low. Senior dairy analyst Song Liang said, Yili after the implementation of equity incentive plans, continue to reduce the proportion of state-owned shares, Pan Gang and executives have a corresponding increase in the shares, the shares are scattered, the risk is relatively increased. In fact, Erie seems to have some concerns. In August 10th this year, Yili has announced plans to revise the articles of association of the company, in more than 10 of the modification, from the "shareholders of 3% shall be informed to the definition of" hostile takeover ", most of the provisions are trying to raise the purchase threshold, to counter the so-called" barbarians "control of the board of directors of the company. However, due to modification of the articles of association of the company many terms and laws and regulations are out there, not to exchange information, Yili on again相关的主题文章: