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Yiyanbuge Tiaohe wife anxious husband alarm swims happily netizen "echo" @ Taizhou Evening News: the day before yesterday morning, we have a couple to drink wedding, know how to fight on the road, did not think her husband suddenly jumped into the river. Reporters verify the netizen "echo" surnamed Wang, Wenling New River town people. The day before yesterday morning, passing New River Wang Zhen Niu Qiao Cun, see a wonderful thing, "on the banks of a woman has been gaorao a man swimming back and forth in the river." Wang asked about, the original pair of men and women is a young couple, husband called Xiao Yang, his wife called Xiao li. Two people go to the wedding, I do not know how to go on the road to quarrel, the husband yiyanbuge to jump down the river rapids. See Mike on the shore the river crying, Xiao Yang is very leisurely, sometimes left, sometimes right, expression is very comfortable. Wang look in the eyes, but also laugh and cry "wife advised him to swim ashore, he is more cheerful." In desperation, Xiao Li had reported to the police, the New River police station duty police officers rushed to the scene of skin, everyone is a small yang to persuade, emboldened, "every argument, is I coax her, she doesn’t care about me, I just jump to know whether or not she care about me." We gave the ring to throw Xiao Yang, Xiao Yang is not repeatedly reflected in the bridge and cross shore bridge Osaka, people laughing, "I take life in sulk." Toss most of the day, Xiao Yang is still tired, rescue personnel to seize the opportunity to wade into the water, neat and quick pulled him ashore, "after the typhoon, the water surge, you don’t want to live?" See the tearful wife, Yang Zhecai knew his jokes, apologized to you. With the help of the leather police officer, he made peace with his wife.

一言不合就跳河 妻子急得报警丈夫却游得欢快网友“echo”@台州晚报:前日早上,我们这有对小夫妻去喝喜酒,在路上不知道怎么就吵起来了,没想到丈夫一下子就跳河了。记者核实网友“echo”姓王,温岭新河镇人。前天早上,小王路过新河镇牛桥村时,看到一件奇葩事,“河岸上有个女的一直在告饶,河里有个男人来回在游泳。”小王一番打听,原来这对男女是对年轻夫妻,丈夫叫小杨,妻子叫小李。两人结伴去喝喜酒,走到路上不知怎么的吵了起来,丈夫一言不合就往湍急的河里跳了下去。眼看小李在岸上直哭,河里的小杨倒是很悠闲,时而向左,时而往右,表情很是自在。小王看在眼里,也是哭笑不得,“妻子劝他上岸,他倒好,游得越发欢快了。”无奈之下,小李只好报了警,新河派出所值班民警皮警官赶到了现场,大家又是一阵好言相劝,小杨来了底气,“每次吵架,都是我哄她,她根本不在乎我,我跳下去就是想知道她到底是不是在乎我。”大家把救生圈扔给小杨,小杨就是不要,在牛桥和横坂桥反复来回游,岸上群众忍俊不禁,“真是拿生命在怄气。”折腾了大半天,小杨终究还是体力不支,救援人员抓住时机趟下水,三下五除二把他拉上岸,“台风过后,水面暴涨,你不想活了啊?”看到泪流满面的妻子,小杨这才知道自己玩笑开大了,向大家道了歉。在皮警官的帮助下,和妻子和好了。相关的主题文章: