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.puters-and-Technology Do you remember getting your first camera? If you are over 40 likely it was a Kodak instamatic camera. Perhaps even what was called a .pact of portable camera then. Either way, it was the cutting edge in photography for the masses with film cartridges replacing the difficulties some had spooling the film into the camera. For years, basic photography held little in the way of technical know how. The advent of digital cameras and their rapid replacement of film based cameras has taken a market that was almost boring in it’s lack of choices in the mass market portion of the marketplace and turned it into a technical maze for many. As a result, many are getting interested in photography beyond the most basic level again. Digital photography, while more technical than the wave of disposable cameras still out there, have made advanced photographic endeavors a possibility by being much more accessible to the masses than at any time in history. So now people are faced with decisions like: Should I go with a "Point And Shoot" style or a "Digital SLR" camera? Obviously making such a decision will take some education, while still being much easier than the days when you not only had to learn all about the camera, but film speed and flash bulbs, and light meters and… You get the idea. It is a surprise to many people today that already own digital cameras that they can also take a limited amount of video as well as still shots. Be aware of how much extra space this takes up on your memory card or stick. The quality of the video, like that of your still pictures is a function of how many MegaPixels your camera has. .pare this between models before purchasing. Who will be using the camera? The simplicity of the menu in your viewscreen will amaze you, but may confuse younger users. Be sure to take the ease of navigation into account when buying primarily for children. Whatever level of ability you have with photography, the digital camera market is rapidly evolving in a wonderful and amazing way. Making a wise decision as a consumer and photographer takes some education, but not as much as it used to. You will probably have to learn a few new terms and perhaps even unlearn some things about film based cameras that no longer apply, but that is the price of progress. Look for more information on Digital Cameras now so that you are well educated when the time .es to purchase. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: