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Zhejiang’s first male molestation: Uncle molested small meat jailed for 8 months – Sohu (3) news surging news from Wenling Zhejiang Taizhou City People’s court was informed that the hospital 2 days of male molestation case verdict, the defendant Dengmou guilty of compulsory indecent crime was sentenced to 8 a month. This is also the case of the first case of male indecency in Zhejiang province since the implementation of the criminal law amendment (nine). Deng, 40 years old, Anhui Chuzhou people, is the father of two children. Last December 1st 15 pm, Dengmou to flooding the town of Wenling city animal husbandry Nishimura Dingfeng Internet cafes, saw a 20 year old little meat fell asleep in a corner of the computer Internet, covered with a blanket of color. Deng came forward to take advantage of the young boy sleeping, the lower body "hit the plane"". The boy woke up and called the police on the spot. Dengmou after appearing in court truthfully confessed the facts involved. On the same day, Deng was arrested in criminal detention and arrested 14 days later. In January 28th, due to personal privacy, the Wenling court did not open the case. The court held that Deng violated the will of others and forced others by other means, and his behavior constituted the crime of compulsory indecency. Dengmou after appearing in court truthfully confessed his crime, be given a lighter punishment. Deng and his defenders put forward a request for probation, and the court refused to adopt it. Deng regret after the crime, feel very sorry for the family, because of a curious curiosity, unable to celebrate the new year with the family. Surging news noted that since November 1, 2015 the implementation of the criminal law amendment (nine), the object of indecent assault has been changed from "women" to "other people", the provisions of violence, coercion or other methods to force others to be molested, sentenced to less than 5 years of imprisonment or criminal detention. The amendment means that men are also recognized as victims of indecent assault, and that male sexual rights are no longer ignored as a "hard to speak" question.

浙江首例男男猥亵案:大叔猥亵小鲜肉获刑8个月-搜狐新闻  澎湃新闻()3日从浙江台州温岭市人民法院获悉,该院2日对一起男男猥亵案作出一审判决,被告人邓某因犯强制猥亵罪被判处有期徒刑8个月。这也是刑法修正案(九)实施以来浙江省内首例男男猥亵入刑的案件。   邓某,40岁,安徽滁州人,已是两个孩子的父亲。去年12月1日15时许,邓某到温岭市泽国镇牧西村鼎丰网吧上网,看到有个20岁出头的“小鲜肉”趴在网吧角落的一台电脑前睡觉,身上盖着花色的毯子。邓某上前趁该小伙子熟睡之际,对其下体“打飞机”。小伙子醒后当场报警。邓某到案后如实供述了涉案事实。同日,邓某被刑事拘留,14天后被逮捕。   1月28日,因涉及个人隐私,温岭法院并未公开开庭审理此案。法院审理认为,邓某违背他人意志,以其他方法强制猥亵他人,其行为已构成强制猥亵罪。邓某到案后如实供述自己的犯罪事实,可以从轻处罚。邓某及其辩护人提出判处缓刑的请求,法庭不予采纳。   邓某获罪后很后悔,觉得很对不起家人,就因为一时好奇导致无法与家人一起过年。   澎湃新闻注意到,2015年11月1日起施行的刑法修正案(九)中,猥亵犯罪对象已由“妇女”改为“他人”,规定以暴力、胁迫或其他方法强制猥亵他人,处5年以下有期徒刑或者拘役。   该修改意味着男性也被认可为猥亵罪的受侵害对象,男性性权利不再作为一个“难以启齿”的问题被忽视。相关的主题文章: